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Oxfam India Stands With Lockdown-Affected Families In Delhi

As the Indian government imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, thousands of migrant workers who came to big cities to have better prospects of earning livelihood started leaving the city, most of them on foot, triggering an exodus that wasn't seen in the country in past several decades.

Governments across the country repeatedly appealed the workers to stay where they were, but with no work in hand, and uncertainty looming over their future migrant and daily wagers continued with their exodus until the governments across the country announced a complete halt on the movement of people, which left thousands of labourers stranded without work, shelter or Food.

However, as the government failed to provide food to thousands of daily wagers and homeless people, Various social organisations and NGOs have come forward to provide respite affected the most.

Several cities across the country OXFAM India an NGO which has worked toward poverty alleviation for the past 67 years, has ramped up its operations across the provide cooked food and dry ration kits.

In Delhi alone, OXFAM India with smaller NGOs like EFRAH every day is providing 2 cooked meals to more than 2000 migrant workers stranded across the city. Sayeed of OXFAM,

It is imperative to identify people who are not getting help from the government, our priority is to feed people who have no source of income and cannot sustain the entire period of lockdown due to lack of work and money.

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