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Nepal And Bhutan Reach Out To NPCI For Collaboration

Nepal And Bhutan Reach Out To NPCI For Collaboration


  1. The countries have approached NPCI for collaboration on digital payments
  2. NPCI may provide continuous technical support to the countries
  3. NPCI was started to push financial inclusion in India
New Delhi: Nepal and Bhutan have approached the National Payments Corporation of India for collaboration to make use of its digital payments services, NPCI Managing Director and CEO A.P. Hota said. The NPCI had sought permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to allow it to provide the services to the two neighbouring countries, he told PTI from his Mumbai office. NPCI was started by RBI with a mandate to develop an Indian payments switch to drive financial inclusion in the country.

Nepal and Bhutan are the two countries where specific requests have come for collaboration - means they would like to make use of our digital payments services. They would really like us to help them, said A.P. Hota, Managing Director, National Payments Corporation of India.

With ten banks as its initial shareholders, the company developed the RuPay debit card payments platform, National Automated Clearing House for cheque clearance and the Unified Payments Interface. The NPCI, however, has suggested country-to-country partnership, wherein it will provide continuous technical support to Nepal and Bhutan, Mr Hota said.

We have written to RBI, and it has to permit us to really help them, said Mr Hota.

Normally, such technical help involved huge costs and was not a viable financial proposition. Mr Hota, however, said the primary focus of NPCI was to tap the Indian payments card market and it does not have any global ambition to create international network. Developing countries were visiting NPCI for a learning curve.

Normally, they are visiting us as part of their study trips. We have not got any business delegation from any country so far. Even we received people from Bangladesh, from Bhutan and Sri Lanka, but they visited us for learning curve, said Mr Hota.

Mr Hota said NPCI would be receiving a study-tour delegation from Indonesia on July 21.

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About The Campaign

About The Campaign

NDTV along with MasterCard is launching a multi-platform campaign “Cashless Bano India”, to create digital awareness and educate the masses about digital payment solutions for day to day transactions.

The campaign aims to take the message of a cash free India to the country, all while educating them on the ways and means to do it.

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