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Social Media Influencer Ankita Katuri On Conscious Clothing

"The fashion industry is one of the biggest and most damaging production centers in the world", says Social Media Influencer Ankita Katuri as she talks about fast fashion and how it is impacting the environment. Ms Katuri tells why sustainable fashion is the need of the hour.

Clothes With A Conscience

Reports suggest that textile waste is the second-largest contributor to pollution in India. Fast fashion, toxic dyes, mass industrialization, and lack of repurposing have led to a massive increase in textile waste. Globally, around 10% of textile gets reused and the rest goes to landfills. This creates an enormous ripple effect on the environment, with a rise in landfills, emission of greenhouse gases, and climate change. The youth must focus on environmentally sustainable practices.

USHA and NDTV want to encourage and educate the masses on the need for sustainable fashion and repurposing. The 4-month initiative is about building conversations and awareness around repurposing textiles and sustainable fashion. The campaign will feature brands and individuals who are promoting recycling and upcycling, giving your clothes a conscience.