India Animal Fund - Freedom For All

Help Support Animals In India, Urge Celebrities

In India, 80 million dogs and cats are struggling to survive on the streets and countless others end up in animal shelters. Actor Madhuri Dixit says, "I adopted Carmelo, my indie dog, from PETA India, and he has brought so much joy to my family. You can also adopt a dog or a cat in need, from your local animal shelter or from the streets, instead of buying one from a pet store." Alicia Silverstone, Actor says, "When I was 21, I turned vegan after seeing the horrifying footage of what happens to animals in slaughterhouses. I made the connection between the food on my plate and the animal that was slaughtered for my meal. Dotsie Bausch, Sportsperson adds, "It is a complete and utter myth that we need protein from animals. If you just think about the biggest animals in the world that have the most muscle mass, like a rhinoceros or an elephant, they're herbivores. They get all their protein from plants." Shikhar Dhawan, Indian Cricketer adds, "We need to take care of the voiceless and support them and make sure they're not harmed, and give them a good life." Actor & Eco Investor Dia Mirza adds, "Our message was, and still is, that wild animals belong in nature, not in our wardrobes. It's important that we all take a stand against cruelty and speak up whenever we see something wrong." The India Animal Fund Freedom For All campaign also envisions a world free of animal harm and exploitation which prioritizes ending the suffering of all sentient beings independent of species. Join hands with the India Animal Fund Freedom For All campaign to help animals. They only have us for support.