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Old World Charm And New Age Avataar Of Delhi

Written By Ambika Anand

Delhi is a city that perfectly amalgamates old world charm with the new age pace that the world is currently moving at. From art to food, from history to modernisation: Delhi is a city that is a juxtaposition of cultures that come from all around the country.

The energy of Delhi is unmatched. Wherever you go: Dilli Haat or the National Museum, the city always has new places to discover.

No conversation about my personal favourites in Delhi would be complete without including Nizamuddin East and West. The revered Nizamuddin Dargah is situated to the West and hosts Qawwali every Thursday evening which transports one to another era. Adding to the atmosphere are the breeze, the trees and the Sufi music which makes everything come to life.

The East side of Nizamuddin is home to the Mughal architecture with Humayun’s Tomb being one of the main attractions of Delhi. Humayun’s Tomb is fascinating also because of the way its structure was the source of inspiration for the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Delhi never disappoints and hence even if you are looking for some handmade textiles or trinkets, the city would welcome you with opened arms.

Dilli Haat is the home to artisans from all over the country who give us an insight into India’s diverse and heterogeneous heritage and culture.

Home to quite a few showrooms Champa Gali is a tiny street located near the Saket Metro Station and an example of a place that lets you get away from the hustle bustle to have a relaxed day. Champa Gali also has a charming little coffee shop like Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, where I saw the whole process of coffee making and had an amazing latte.

After spending so much time walking around the town, Doubletree by Hilton in Saket turned out to be the best place to kick back and relax. Some sumptuous delights at India Grill took care of my food cravings, and I enjoyed the hospitality and pampering that the restaurant bestowed on me.

Delhi has a lot of places to explore. It always has something new happening and these kitsch galis and flea markets are a must go, if you’re looking for a different shopping experience than just fancy malls!

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