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Transformative Waste Management: From Challenges To Global Inspiration

India faces the challenge of being the world's most populous nation and battling rising pollution levels. Rapid urbanisation and economic growth have led to a waste crisis, with 0.15 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste generated daily in urban India. Join us in watching "India@100," a special series by DCM Shriram Foundation & NDTV, in collaboration with knowledge partner The Indian School of Development Management. Let's come together to address these issues and explore sustainable solutions.

About The Campaign

The "India@100" series is a groundbreaking ten-episodic initiative aimed at highlighting critical opportunities to accelerate India's progress towards achieving its ambitious sustainable development goals by 2047. The series is an initiative of the DCM Shriram Foundation In collaboration with the Indian School of Development Management (ISDM), serving as the knowledge partner.


The primary goal of the "India@100" series is to spotlight India's most pressing sustainable development challenges and innovative solutions with the potential for lasting impact. By addressing these issues head-on, the series seeks to unravel the complexities hindering India's path to becoming a more equitable and prosperous society. Through compelling content and impactful storytelling, the series aims to foster empathy and encourage informed engagement among its audience.


Partnering with organizations and individuals who are leading change in their respective fields, "India@100" aims to amplify their remarkable work, enabling their stories, struggles, and successes to resonate with millions of viewers. The DCM Shriram Foundation firmly believes that by showcasing the transformative efforts of these change-makers, the series can inspire viewers to actively participate in India's development journey. Through informed engagement, individuals and communities can make meaningful contributions towards driving positive change.

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