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Sign up hereThe IFFCO-TOKIO Insurance Contest
Please read the instructions:
  1. Fill in your details below to participate in the contest
  2. The contest has 7 questions on Health Insurance
  3. Hunt for the answer in the grid
  4. On desktop and mobile, click and drag to select the answer on the grid
  5. Each question has a 60 second timer within which the answer has to be selected
  6. To register the answer for each question, click 'next' button within the time limit
  7. Answers for all questions will be locked only after the user clicks on Submit button after the last question
Please note: Till 'Submit' button is clicked the answers for any of the questions will not be locked
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IFFCO Tokio, one of the top general insurance companies in India, is present across India through a wide network of strategic business units, lateral spread centres and bima kendras. It offers a wide range of policies covering individuals, small, medium and large enterprises.