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Highlights Of #Justice4EveryChild Telethon: An Initiative To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

#Justice4EveryChild campaign aims to raise funds to support child victims of sexual abuse and rape who are fighting their cases in court
May 08, 2022
17:03 (IST)
We need to do everything we can to ensure every single victim of child abuse gets full support they need, says SS Ahluwalia, Founder, Dominvs Group, London at the #Justice4EveryChild telethon

As an Indian, I feel a deep commitment to help solve the problems that we face as a country. Today, I hope you will join me. It's been encouraging to see such strong support for this year's Justice For Every Child campaign. And this telethon brings much needed awareness to a crucial cause. I remember the first time I met Kailash, his passion, courage and conviction was really infectious. His work, and that of his charity, have made a difference to millions of children all over the country. The results speak for themselves. Over the last year alone, they have protected over 100,000 children from exploitation. But sadly, there is still so much more we can do. Millions of children suffer in silence every year. And we need to make sure that these children are not forgotten. We need to stand up and make our voices and actions heard. And we need to do everything we can to ensure every single victim of child abuse gets full support they need. Together we can make a difference. Our youth are the future of India, and the prosperity of our country depends on us nurturing the next generation. I'm doing my bit to support the Justice For Every Child campaign, which will provide legal, mental health to the child victims of abuse. Tonight I hope you will do the same. The need has never been so great. Thanks to everyone who has donated in supporting this campaign. Together we can build a brighter future for India.


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