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Highlights Of #Justice4EveryChild Telethon: An Initiative To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

#Justice4EveryChild campaign aims to raise funds to support child victims of sexual abuse and rape who are fighting their cases in court
May 08, 2022
20:02 (IST)
Manoj Abraham, Nodal Officer, Kerala Police Cyberdome talks about Grapnel, a specialised tool developed to deal with online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

Grapnel is basically a tool that we developed with the assistance of ICPF, through hackathon, basically where we called all those people who work in this hackathon to develop this tool because the darknet is one area that we found that a lot of CSAM material, that is Child Sexual exploitative material was being sold there, bought there and transmitted. So the tools that were available to the police were not enough to really break into the darknet, because of the encryptions that were there, and the inbuilt system that were there. So Grapnel is basically a tool for crawling into those systems, where it indexes whatever keyword searches that we give in that. For example, in Kerala, we are looking for Kerala children's videos. So Grapnel will go and really search the entire dark web and bring back everything which is connected to that keyword. So it is then working on that, and looking into the aspects of who is sharing it, who's transmitting those images also. So the Grapnel is basically a crawler with all these artificial intelligence, in-built into the system, which helps the investigator to really crack these crimes against children in the dark web.


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