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Highlights Of #Justice4EveryChild Telethon: An Initiative To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

#Justice4EveryChild campaign aims to raise funds to support child victims of sexual abuse and rape who are fighting their cases in court
May 08, 2022
20:09 (IST)
The pandemic has led to an increase in cybercrimes, says Madhukar Pandey, Additional Director-General, Maharashtra Police at the #Justice4EveryChild telethon

We have Operation Blackface launched in 2020. It was a two-hour surprise that we have all these tools. In a period of 18-19 months, 11,000 reports were generated and 200 cases were registered. We have found to our surprise that this issue of child pornography is very serious and that there's a perception that this happens abroad and in Germany, but we have found that this does happen in the country, The pandemic has led to an increase in cybercrimes, the way people have been interacting even with families, the exploitation has been happening in the family itself. In some cases, we have been following some forensic tools called 'Peda', hunt for pedophiles, and child pornography and this is such a case where the victim doesn't report the crime, so we go for darknet monitoring and do old fashioned intelligence - we look for signals, sometimes we are successful. We had a case recently with help from Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, we found a person selling pornographic material.


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