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16-Year-Old From Faridabad Dies By Suicide After Being Bullied And Sexually Abused


  1. 16-year-old was bullied and sexually abused ins school
  2. In a suicide note, the boy blamed the school authorities
  3. The mother made several complaints, but the school took no action

A life cut short due to alleged negligence. A 16-year-old teenage boy from Faridabad recently died by suicide by jumping off his residential building. On investigating, the police found a purported suicide note in which the child blamed his school and higher authorities. Yet to recover from the shock, the distraught mother reveals how her son was bullied and sexually abused over his sexual orientation but the school took no action. Last year, when a couple of students made lewd remarks against the boy, his mother complained about it to the principal, but her complaints fell on deaf ears. The victim's mother said,

In March, I had verbally informed the school. When I saw there was no support, and that no action was being taken, I wrote an e-mail to the authorities in September. I mentioned all the students' names and that my son was sexually abused and was being bullied for years. I wrote all the details, as told to me by my son. Even after that, no action was taken.

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After repeated bullying at school and no action from the school authorities, the student went into depression and was undergoing treatment.

There's a chapter on bullying. When he read it he suffered an attack, and his heart was beating so fast, I thought something would happen to him. The doctors diagnosed it as depression, and said that it was a panic attack.

It was after the school was reopened post lockdown, the boy had to go back for his exams and was subjected to mental torture again. Not only was the child bullied, but was also allegedly accused by one of the teachers of using dyslexia as an excuse to gain sympathy. The child was even threatened with withholding his promotion.

Seeking justice, the child's family has now approached Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation's sister organisation Bachpan Bachao Andolan for legal help and support. Dhananjay Tingal, Executive Director, Bachpan Bachao Andolan said,

When we contacted we realised that the school has not done anything. Whereas school was in denial mode. After discussing it and looking into the situation, we felt that it's important that we should be involved in it and we are helping the mother with the legal proceedings and legal support.

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