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Minor Girls Lured On The Pretext Of Vocational Training, Rescued From A Trafficking Attempt


  1. 6 girls, aged 12-14, from Tisri block in Jharkhand were being trafficked
  2. Girls were promised of a vocational training in tailoring and job
  3. Members of Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society were involved too
New Delhi: 

A false promise to provide vocational training in tailoring was the bait used to lure six minor girls from their home in Tisri block in Jharkhand's Giridih district and traffick them to Delhi. What came as a complete shocker was the involvement of few staff members of the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) in this case. As soon as the case came to light, Jharkhand Police registered a case, but also the JSLPS administration sacked the accused employees.

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Recalling the incident, one of the girls, who were rescued by the police, said,

A few people came here from a company nearby. They spoke to us and said they will take people to Delhi-NCR for training. They said the training was being provided by the company. They said it's a three month long course. After three months, we can come back if we want. If not, they will provide us employment as domestic helps for Rs. 1,000 a month.

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Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF) got a tip-off that the girls were being taken to Koderma in a SUV for boarding a train to Delhi. The KSCF team along with ChildLine took immediate action, virtually chasing the vehicle and successfully rescuing the girls. Statement of all the six minors – aged between 12 and 14, were soon recorded.

The financial situation of the people here is very poor. Traffickers take advantage of this and lure family members with better options for a brighter future. They tell them they won't have access to a good education or to proper food where they live. Send your child with us, he or she will have access to a proper education in a big city, and can then earn money to send back to you. The child's life will slowly improve, said Om Prakash Pal, Director (campaign), KSCF.

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Trafficking is the third largest criminal enterprise in the world generating an estimated $150 billion dollars annually. According to National Crime Records Bureau, number of trafficking cases increased by 14.3 per cent in 2019 as compared to the previous year.

Talking to NDTV about the rise in child trafficking, Actor Sharmila Tagore said,

Children disappear from our neighbourhood, schools, and communities. And yet, nobody seems to notice. Since we do not see the children, we do not see the traffickers either. How many F.I.Rs are filed against child trafficking? Yet trafficking continues unabated. India needs a new attitude towards its children.

To avoid questioning eyes, traffickers are now transporting vulnerable children in private vehicles as well. If you notice any suspicious movement of children, you can lodge a complaint by dialing either 100, ChildLine at 1098 or Bachpan Bachao Andolan Complaint Cell number 1800 102 7222. Let us all join hands to ensure Justice For Every Child.

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