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Satyarthi Movement's Bal Mitra Gram And Mukti Caravan Are Empowering Children To Protect Their Rights


  1. Bal Mitra Gram empowers children to take democratic action
  2. Mukti Caravan is led by youth withdrawn from child labour
  3. Bal Mitra Gram and Mukti Caravan are ensuring positive transformation

A class 12 student from a remote village in Jharkhand's Koderma district, Deepika Kumari was engaged as child labour, picking mica scraps from mica mines nearby, like scores of other children in the area. The Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, through its globally recognised Bal Mitra Gram model, rescued her and linked her to formal education. A transformative grassroots model spread in 640 villages across the country, Bal Mitra Grams or BMGs empower children to take democratic action to protect their rights and enable parents and stakeholders to stand up for the rights of children. The model creates a safety net to prevent child trafficking, child labour, child sexual abuse and child marriage.

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Determined to take children out of the drudgery of labour, today Deepika acts as a role model in her community motivating adults to ensure children continue with their studies.

While BMGs have ushered in a silent revolution in vulnerable districts, Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation's Mukti Caravan too is scripting a new chapter in rural India.

Led by youth withdrawn from child labour, Mukti Caravan moves across the country, spreading awareness about the organised crime of child trafficking and other forms of exploitation of children.

In Bihar's Katihar for instance youth activists are moving door to door to raise awareness in over 500 villages and highlight the importance of education.

Bal Mitra Gram and Mukti Caravan are exemplary models of how we can ensure positive transformation in the lives of vulnerable children. Children are our future and their all-round development must be a priority for all. The curse of child labor must be eradicated at all cost.

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