My Life-Altering Experience

Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee

My Life-Altering Experience

Delhi, our capital. Noisy, modern, but still with too many corners of too many homeless people. Like all other Delhiwallahs, I had grown accustomed to seeing them. At roadsides, under flyovers or camping out in unused parking spaces.
During my visit to Delhi in December, 2015, besides the usual meetings, friends and family get-togethers, I decided to act on a long-standing wish. I joined the Uday Foundation - NDTV winter drive for one day. We visited the Okhla railway tracks where a slum cluster exists.

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It was a cold, chilling night and along with volunteers of the Uday Foundation, I carried blankets mostly for every person out there. Unlike what I had imagined, the people were quite organized but were anxious to get their blankets so that they could have some relief from the harsh winter. Some of them recognized me, but unlike my other fans, they didn’t appear excited, or try to hold my hand. They just wanted help. We distributed 500 blankets which were blankets for us but Hope for those people. I was surprised to see small kids at the age of only 10-12 standing in the queue to collect their blanket. The kind of happiness on their faces was unimaginable.

It was very difficult to control my emotions. While sitting in a comfortable home fitted with all amenities, nobody can imagine the plight of such people. It was a life-changing experience for me and it made me understand the problems of people who have so little. It was really a proud moment for me also. Such initiatives are the need of the hour and every person should get involved in such activities - and what is better than when you are involved in donating something with your own hand?
manoj bajpai blankets 650
Listening to stories and watching about the homeless is very different from seeing them with your own eyes. I have heard words like social service very often, but reaching out directly to those in need commands a very different reaction. Considering how little is required of you, it offers immense satisfaction. I have decided to take some time out regularly from work and my shooting schedule to try to get involved in the service of humankind.
You can help too. Donate a blanket this winter. Help save a life. Click here for details.

(Manoj Bajpayee is winner of Asia Pacific Screen Academy Best Actor award and many Indian mainstream film awards.)

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Blanket Collection Target

Delhi-NCR   25,000
Himachal Pradesh   5,000
Jammu and Kashmir   10,000
Uttarakhand   10,000
Uttar Pradesh   10,000

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