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Youth and Employment: How Telangana Conquered It All

Youth and Employment: How Telangana Conquered It All

Powering the engines of not just the State but the Nation, Telangana has fast emerged as the bastion of wealth generation and employment opportunities. Telangana today represents aspirational hub of the country and the 21st century youth. Here's a look at some of Telangana's achievements in the Youth and Employment sectors and how the state has achieved it all:

- Guided by the CM KCR and Industry Minister KT Rama Rao's Vision, human resource from across states and globe consider Telangana as the quintessential cosmopolitan hub in the country

- The state also boasts the lowest unemployment rates in the country despite unprecedented challenges in previous years

- Youth find opportunities, safety, jobs, leisure, tourist spots and aspiration as the magnet bringing them to Telangana

- With its 68 Economic zones in various sectors spread across the state like Financial District, IT CITY, in Hyderabad and Agri export zones, in Warangal, Medak, Mahbubnagar, development is evenly distributed across geography and not limited to one city

- The state also exports seeds to many countries across the globe certified by International Seeds Federation

- It has also become fourth largest contributor to the country's economy, sixth highest contributor to India's GDP in a span of seven years

- Ease of doing business rankings has noted Telangana as the best Performing state in various parameters

Telangana today is the most attractive destination for employment opportunities in diverse sectors from Agriculture, Space Tech, Finance and Software for the youth of India, enabling them to stride forward with pride.

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