Telangana Turns The Tide

Telangana's Rural Development Turnaround

The state of Telangana has attained a reputation for its ideal villages - these are environmentally friendly and have access to better livelihoods. Each of these villages in the state today have quality primary healthcare centers, pakka houses and streets with proper lighting, a nursery to increase the green cover, a tractor for village development projects and as well as garbage collection mechanism. Moreover, the villages of Telangana have integrated markets for all their daily needs and have state-of-the-art crematoriums and funeral services. According to the state government, in Telangana rural development has happened unlike any other state in India, thanks to the top leadership that places village infrastructure development at the very heart the state's overall growth and progress. Here's a look at how the state made this transformation possible. (In partnership with Government of Telangana)

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