Together With Children - Towards A Hunger Free India


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  • Food Security And Livelihood

    Food Security And Livelihood

    We are distributing cooked food packages & dry ration kits ensuring children and families do not go hungry. Our cash and voucher programmes allows families to meet any urgent need they may have. World Vision India will also support the restoration and improvement of livelihoods to increase, diversify, stabilise and strengthen existing sources of income.

  • Strengthen Health Systems And Health Workers

    Strengthen Health Systems And Health Workers

    Working closely with government authorities, we are supporting health facilities and health workers with PPE kits, surgical masks, gloves, thermometer, alcohol based hand rub, disinfectants, antibacterial soap etc. World Vision India is also distributing hygiene kits, has setup hand-washing stations in communities and has trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) to provide community based lifesaving health services.

  • Education, Child Protection and Psychosocial Support

    Education, Child Protection and Psychosocial Support

    We are educating vulnerable communities and families, giving them awareness message virtually, and through radio, on COVID prevention, sexual abuse, domestic abuse and mental health. Community volunteers, including Child Protection Units are trained to address all forms of child protection issues. World Vision India is also providing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to the affected children and their families.

* Disclaimer:

NDTV is the broadcast partner for a 2-hour telethon by World Vision India to raise funds to reach out to thousands of families with immediate relief assistance and long-term recovery and rehabilitation programmes. The donations are received by World Vision India and shall be utilized according to a plan prepared and monitored by them.

NDTV has no role to play in the use of donations and will not be liable for any claim(s) made by any person or entity, including any statutory or governmental authority, arising out of the collection or utilization of these donations.