Caring For India
Caring For India

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  • Satyender Jain
    The situation in Delhi is now under control, it seems. The new cases per day has decreased. It used to be more than 2,000 per day, now it is 800-1000 per day. Satyender JainMinister of Health, Delhi
  • Dia Mirza
    What has motivated me in these uncertain times is how the citizens groups have come up to help others. It is amazing to see the level of altruism. Dia MirzaActor, Producer, UNEP Goodwill Ambassador and UN Secretary General's Advocate
  • Atul Satija
    Give India started back in 2000 to support our poor. We knew people who can help and far more number of people who needed that help. So we simply made a platform where they both can connect.Atul SatijaFounder, 2.0, CEO GiveIndia
  • Somedutta Chatterjee
    There are multiple things that corporates have done, one of the largest being employee giving. We also have corporates who have contributed through CSR initiatives. Somedutta ChatterjeeHead of Corporate Partnerships, GiveIndia
  • Amit Chandra
    I think giving is really important because without giving we cannot really build the nation that we want to see and that we aspire for.Amit ChandraChairman, Bain Capital India Office
  • Govind Iyer
    When COVID India Respond Fund was put together in March, the intent was very clear- to help those who are hit the worst. Govind IyerManaging Partner, Egon Zehnder & Board Director, GiveIndia
  • Sandeep Sibal
    Now coronavirus disease is going from metros and cities to villages. Over these months, we have realised that more screening can help fight the battle effectively. Sandeep SibalCEO, Fourth Frontier & Board Member, Give India
  • Atul Kasbekar
    In this pandemic, we cannot have doctors becoming sick, as simple as that. So, coming out and giving them support by providing them protective gears, is the most important thing, we all can do.Atul KasbekarPhotographer and Film Producer
  • Dr Devi Shetty
    India's biggest problem is the delivery of healthcare. Unfortunately in the last 20 years, government hospitals are not living up to our expectations. It is very important that the civic bodies get together and try and help public hospitals bring in more transparency, accountability and try and support them.Dr Devi ShettyFounder, Narayana Health
  • Dr Ravi Wankhedkar
    Mask are to be made compulsory. All the celebrities, opinion makers must wear proper fitting masks all the time everywhere. Even the political and community leaders at local level should come on to streets and make the community aware and make people wear masks. Mask is the only vaccine presently available.Dr Ravi WankhedkarFormer National President, Indian Medical Association
  • Dr Swapneil Parikh
    People who have recovered from COVID-19 can donate plasma. Donating plasma is very safe. Plasma can help neutralise the virus and help the patients early on in the disease. It is a passive form of immunity which can be transferred from one person to another.Dr Swapneil ParikhCo-Author of The Coronavirus Book & Co-founder Plasma Yoddha

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