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'Paaduks', Saving The Planet One Slipper At A Time By Recycling Tyre Tubes

Ever thought of slippers and shoes made from discarded and worn-out tyres? Well, this has been made possible by 'Paaduks', a brand that aims at social change and manufactures only eco-friendly slippers and shoes. Tyres lying in a garage or auto parts shops may seem like junk to you, but they can also prove to be a fashion statement and that is exactly what Paaduks is doing. Mumbai-based Amit Jain runs an online footwear showroom named, where shoes are made from worn-out or discarded tyres that are collected and found.

Talking about tyre waste, Amit Jain, Director, Paaduks said,

You replace the tyres of the car you drive after every four years. It is the same for trucks and trailers. Although we discard them, their usage leads to a lot of pollution. The idea was to reduce pollution and help by contributing to society. For example, there are other uses for tyres as well. Like pyrolysis, where you burn the tyre and extract relevant oils and fules from it. But that results in even more pollution. We cut the tyres manually, without causing any pollution, and produce soles out of them so that pollution reduces and there is less wastage.

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The journey of a tire from scrap to footwear is quite an interesting one. Right from the soles made from tyres and the straps made from tubes, everything used in these slippers and shoes keeps in mind the impact on the environment. Explaining how Paaduks is helping reduce waste and save the environment, Mr Jain said,

We work with a lot of recyclers. We source tyres from them and cut them manually without adding any chemicals. The process does not even create carbon emissions. Secondly, the cutting of the tyres is done by hand. The entire process of making footwear is done by hand, using the least amount of electricity. This product is handcrafted and whatever item is being used to make it - tyre or cork, or tyre tubes that is all actually waste that we are recycling and reducing pollution. We make basic footwear like flip-flops and sandals which you can wear daily with a variety of outfits. So, the same footwear can be matched to different outfits. You don't need to buy a lot of footwear. In addition to reducing pollution and providing comfort, we are helping reduce overconsumption and unnecessary expansion of your wardrobe. 

The artisans working at Paaduks are no ordinary cobblers. They are skilled and former cobblers who have lost their jobs because of fast fashion. Elaborating on the same, Mr Jain said,

Since the emergence of fast fashion we have stopped repairing things. Today, if your bag or slipper breaks or is damaged you can order a new one online. This is affecting the livelihoods of cobblers and people involved in repair work. So, we have brought skilled cobblers into our team. Also, because we are a fair trade organisation, the living wage which is provided, it's just not the minimum wage as prescribed. We pay them a fair wage so that they can sustain a normal day-to-day living.  

The speed and strength of the wheel on the road are determined by the quality of a tyre. Now imagine if the same quality of tyre is used in your slippers and shoes, you can easily guess its durability. As trendy as the footwear looks, is it as comfortable as well? The Women's Brigade at Paaduks has taken special care of this aspect.

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Aaarajit Sangotra. Head Product Design, Paaduks said,

A piece of a tyre has rubber and other things inside it like metal wires. It is to make tyres very tough. The tyres are also anti-skid. So, you can imagine the benefits of using this material to make footwear. You won't slip. Plus, it's strong enough to last a long time. 

Paaduks takes care of the environment, the comfort of the feet, and the fashion aspect and doesn't put a burden on the pocket either. Since its inception in 2013, Paaduks has upcycled more than one million kilos of tyres so far.

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