The Cycle Of Change Telethon


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About The Campaign

About The Campaign

On May 2, 2020 - Hero Cycles & NDTV came together to ask the question, how do we keep the blue skies & clean air from slipping away? How can we maintain the change of lockdown? You heard our guests warn us of the perils of pollution and you heard them offer solutions – clean energy & clean transportation.

Exactly 7 months later, what you heard on our show has proved to be prophetic. Now, people are going to work, they are out on the roads. Cars, buses, motorcycles, auto-rickshaws are jostling for space with an even greater ferocity than before. NDTV and Hero Cycles campaign #TheCycleOfChange comes full circle, this time to ‘Cycle For Change’ with a motive that we have to take responsibility for the air we breathe into our own hands – before it’s too late.