Fighting Our Killer Air - A Citizens' Charter


Delhi and surrounding areas have registered record pollution levels in the last few days, with the National Capital Region (NCR) struggling to breathe, shrouded under thick, poisonous smog. As the city faces a health emergency, here’s what centre, state and citizens can do to combat air pollution.

Support the movement for clean air and sign the NDTV Citizens' Charter using the form below.

We will send this charter to the Prime Minister, the Health and Environment Ministers and the Chief Ministers of the worst affected states.

What the central Government can do:
  1. Implement national emission standards for power plants immediately
  2. Identify the root causes of agricultural stubble burning
  3. Strengthen pollution control boards
  4. Look at air pollution as a regional, not city specific issue
What the state Government can do:
  1. Scale up transport infrastructure, buses
  2. Construction clearances must be stringent
What citizens can do:
  1. Make air pollution a political issue
  2. Use public transportation, manage waste better
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