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We know that your home is your biggest investment and your face to the outside world. It is a cause of worry when through the year it is subjected to extreme weather challenges ranging from scorching heat and torrential rains to extreme dirt and dusty winds. To top it, extreme heat and temperature fluctuations and at times slight ground movements, cause the appearance of tiny hairline cracks on walls. Rain, moisture, as well as dirt and dust can then seep into these cracks and cause extreme damage to your walls.

Presenting to you Dulux Weathershield - a range of technologically advanced exterior paints, specially designed to protect India’s homes from its unique climate and harshest of weather assault.

At Dulux, we invest in years of research and development to bring you world class products backed by high performance technologies. The entire Weathershield range comes with unique SunReflect Technology which helps keep homes cooler by five degrees.

Choose Weathershield Max from the range if you are seeking long-lasting protection for homes from cracks. It comes with Crack Proof+ Technology which enables the paint film to stretch to cover hairline cracks.

Our latest offering - Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx offers ultimate protection from the harshest weather attacks, especially extreme rains. It is powered by revolutionary Double Defence Technology to make your homes withstand extreme rainfall, hairline cracks, intense heat, dirt and dust up to 10 years.

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Give your home The ultimate protection