Rebuilding Lives - An Action-Oriented Campaign To Rebuild Lives Of Migrant Communities
Rebuilding Lives - An Action-Oriented Campaign To Rebuild Lives Of Migrant Communities


Serve immediate and urgent needs of migrant communities, especially women and girls, with a focus on migration affected states


  • Meet immediate needs such as food, hygiene and unconditional cash transfers for migrants
  • Facilitate livelihoods and promote women’s self-employment


  • Invest in digital literacy for community health workers
  • Educate vulnerable communities about protecting themselves against COVID-19


  • Ensure continuity of education, with a focus on girls and adolescents
  • Promote the use of technology in government schools

About the Campaign

About the Campaign

Around 40 million migrant daily-waged workers have been hit hard by COVID-19 induced economic distress, lockdowns, travel bans and social distancing requirements. As they reach home enduring unprecedented ordeals, they face the risk of hunger, indebtedness and prolonged unemployment.

Their families face high infection risk and their children, particularly girls, the loss of learning. 

While the need of the hour is for immediate relief to serve urgent needs, equal attention is required towards a sustainable and resilient rebuilding of lives through a multi-pronged response, addressing health, education and livelihoods needs - both in the source and destination areas of migration. 

This crisis has also shown us the spirit of our community. We are truly inspired by the way citizens, non-profits, corporates and the government have come together to help those in need.

As first responders, American India Foundation (AIF) has served 272,000 people across 16 states of India and has now joined hands with NDTV to raise awareness and resources to complement the government’s efforts to rehabilitate migrant families.


NDTV is the broadcast partner for a 2-hour telethon with American India Foundation (AIF) as the implementation partner to raise donations to rebuild lives of migrant communities who have been hit hard by COVID-19. The donations are received by AIF and shall be utilized according to a plan prepared and monitored by them.

NDTV has no role to play in the use of donations and will not be liable for any claim(s) made by any person or entity, including any statutory or governmental authority, arising out of the collection or utilization of these donations.

About The Partner

About The Partner

The American India Foundation (AIF) is committed to improving the lives of India’s underprivileged, with a special focus on women, children, and youth. AIF does this through high impact interventions in education, health, and livelihoods, because poverty is multidimensional. AIF’s unique value proposition is its broad engagement between communities, civil society, and expertise thereby building a lasting bridge between the United States and India.

Working closely with local communities, AIF partners with NGOs to develop and test innovative solutions and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact. Founded in 2001 in the aftermath of the devastating Gujarat earthquake by the Indian diaspora in the USA, AIF has impacted the lives of 6.7 million of India’s poor. With offices in New York and California, twelve chapters across the U.S., and India operations headquartered in Delhi NCR, AIF is transforming lives across 26 states of India while addressing these issues on a regional, country, and international scale.