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  • Private Hospitals Welcome New Rules Easing Vaccination Access
    Written by Sukirti Dwivedi,Surya Ganju | Wednesday | March 03, 2021 , New Delhi

    People above the age of 60 and those above 45 with illnesses are set to get easier access to vaccination. After the centre asked states to utilise all private hospitals, including those that are not empanelled under government health insurance schemes, Delhi has added 78 more private hospitals to its vaccination drive in addition to the existing 56. The new centres wi...

  • Pune's Teen Covid Warrior Gets Patent For Radiation-Based Sanitisation Box
    Written by Surya Ganju | Saturday | October 10, 2020 , Mumbai

    Moved by his mother's struggle to decontaminate fruits and vegetables amid the pandemic, a 14-year-old from Pune has not only developed an ultraviolet-C radiation based sanitisation box which does not use any chemicals to neutralise the novel coronavirus, he is also distributing it to the needy for free.


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