Save Our Seniors
Save Our Seniors

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  • Karan Johar
    We need to be there for our community amid the pandemic. It's going to impact us in many ways but you can't make this about yourself, its about larger picture, about the community.Karan JoharDirector, Producer & TV personality
  • Sharmila Tagore
    In Indian society, we put elders on centre stage, but lately the situation has changed. Seniors are not perceived as productive force and therefore are a low priority.Sharmila TagoreFormer Actress & UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Sonakshi Sinha
    Earlier, we would get yelled at for not doing anything, but today we are praised for staying indoor. Stay indoor so we don't get coronavirus indoor. Sonakshi SinhaActress
  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
    I think India is the only country where we still believe in blessings and offer respect to seniors, touch their feet. Ustad Amjad Ali KhanSarod Player
  • Sivamani
    All the elderly have taken care of us all our lives, so it is our time to give back. Please give all your support and funds to support elderly.SivamaniPercussionist
  • Khushbu
    With COVID-19, there's a stigma attached. We don't understand that elders need emotional help, they can't be isolated. The stigma keeps us away.KhushbuActress & Producer
  • Kartik Aaryan
    In India, if we talk about elders or seniors, we have seen that, COVID-19 affects people with low immunity the most. We need to take care of them.Kartik AaryanActor
  • Amaan Ali Bangash
    It's an honor for children to spend time with elders. My heart goes to older people, they are the reason we are here.Amaan Ali BangashSarod player
  • Ayaan Ali Bangash
    These are challenging times and compassion is important for everyone.Ayaan Ali BangashSarod player
  • Kriti Kharbanda
    Older generation is suffering the most. We are basically appealing to people to live like human beings.Kriti KharbandaActress
  • Mathew Cherian
    Lockdown extension hasn't helped our elders; they feel disconnected, isolated and lonely. They need help and we need to prevent them from hunger.Mathew CherianChief Executive Officer, HelpAge India
  • Rohit Prasad
    The prime way to respect elders is by giving them time. We need to develop support system for elders so they are not locked in, they should come out and live their lives.Rohit PrasadChief Operating Officer, HelpAge India

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