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Ease Of Business Is The Ground Reality In Telangana

Ease Of Business Is The Ground Reality In Telangana

Telangana is not just an IT hub, but also an entrepreneurial hub of India. Here, the slogan ‘Ease of Business' is not just a way to market the state but is also the on-ground reality for the up-and-coming businesses, as well as the existing giants of the corporate sector. The state government acts as a facilitator for not just driving investments but also encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship across the state. 

Invigorating the industrial space are the Telangana State Industrial Policies, TS-iPass and the TS b-Pass, and the Dharani Portal. 

TS-iPASS is a certification service to establish industries, manufacturing, and services, in the state. The process allows a single mechanism for doing business with the state, including obtaining required permissions within stipulated timelines. Designed for maximum facilitation', TS-iPass is a lightning-fast approval process by which permissions are granted within 15 days.

On the other hand, TS-bPASS is a single integrated platform for processing of various permissions required during the development of land and construction of buildings through a self-certification system.

Dharani Portal is an integrated land records management system introduced by the Government of Telangana. This online portal combines land registration and administration services, acting as a single source for land parcels and discharging land-related functions in an effective and efficient manner.

Today, Telangana boasts of an enviable 19,145 industries which have been accorded approvals through the above-mentioned Telangana State Industrial Policy. Together these have made Telangana flush with an investment of over Rs 2,27,695 crore in just eight  years. 

These efforts have proven to be successful in ensuring ease of business and hence, today, it is not surprising that International giants and Multinational Corporations, especially in the IT sector, are turning to Telangana and Hyderabad to grow their businesses.

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