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Telangana Has Given Top Priority To The Education Sector

Each child should have the benefit of quality education - from primary level to higher education, with this mission the Telangana government has given top priority to the education sector. This promise of quality education is being delivered through sweeping reforms of the school system, especially at the grassroot level.

When the state was formed in 2014, Telangana had only 300 residential schools. By 2021 it had established nearly 1,000 residential educational institutions - a 3-fold increase that no other state has been able to achieve in such a short span.

The state's ‘Mana ooru - Mana badi' programme has been a game changer. The programme aims at all-round development and creation of effective infrastructure in schools across the state by setting up digital classrooms, constructing additional classrooms and taking up repairs in existing schools. With an allocated budget of over Rs. 7,289 crores, this programme will benefit nearly 23 lakh students across over 26,000 schools, in rural and urban Telangana.

Today, Telangana tops in the Residential Educational system in the country. With a total budget of over Rs. 6,000 crores per annum, the state spends Rs. 1,25,000 on each student yearly, thereby benefiting over 5 lakh students by providing access to excellent education facilities. Moreover, the state also offers a scholarship of Rs. 20 lakhs per beneficiary to pursue higher studies overseas.

Telangana has also changed the face of government schools by improving their standard. Students can now compete with and surpass those in expensive private schools. The results are there for all to see. Telangana's schools have seen a drastic reduction in drop-out rates as well.

Armed with a quality education, Telangana's talented gen-next can reach for the stars.

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