Telangana Turns The Tide
Telangana Turns The Tide
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Telangana, The Pharma And Life Sciences Hub

The state of Telangana is considered one of the most important life sciences hubs in the world. The state's impeccable efforts have shown a contribution of 1/3rd of the Global Vaccine Output and it is also the leading contributor of Pharma Exports from the country, with a share of 28% in FY 2020-21. The state government says that this turnaround has been made possible due to the dramatic changes and enabling reforms in its schemes and programmes.

Here's a look at some of Telangana's achievements in the Pharma and Life Sciences sectors:

- During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyderabad rose to the occasion and made an impact for the world to witness. Genome Valley is a testimony to the clusters significance in the global context and its role in the country's vaccine diplomacy. Today, there are over 200 Pharma companies in Hyderabad's Genome Valley

- Not just that, Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech successfully developed India's first indigenous vaccine for COVID-19

- Along with it, one of the first RT-PCR Kits approved by ICMR was developed in Hyderabad

- Life Sciences sector in the state has attracted investments worth Rs 15,546 crores and generated employment for more than 84,000 people over the last five years

- The state is also the leading contributor of Pharma exports. The average annual growth of exports from Telangana is 22%.

- The Genome Valley cluster in Hyderabad is home to three of India's largest vaccine manufacturers - Bharat Biotech, Biological E and Indian Immunologicals

The empowering schemes and people-friendly administration have proved to be a winning combination for Telangana. In the span of seven short years, Telangana today, is known on the national stage, with Government of India's Niti Aayog recognising Telangana as one of the best performing Indian States and Reserve Bank of India acknowledging it as a top economic performer.

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