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Telangana's Agriculture Reforms Result In Massive Success In Cotton Production

Telangana's dramatic agricultural turnaround has come, thanks to sweeping innovative reforms that are designed not just to alleviate the farmer`s distress but make them strong enough to steer their own destiny. Some of the schemes helping relieve the farmer`s distress include the Rythu Vedika, Rythu Bima and Rythu Bandhu.

Rythu Vedika is a bridge between farmers and agricultural extension officers, as it provides smart solutions for finance cultivation, husbandry and more right to the farmer's door-step.

Rythu Bima Scheme is a 100 per cent premium insurance plan for any tragic and unforeseen eventuality.

Rythu Bandhu offers a 100 per cent investment input subsidy with Rs 10,000 non-refundable per acre for Rabi and Kharif crops.

In the last seven years, the Telangana Government has spent a whopping Rs 50,448 crore to enforce these reforms and help farmers practice agriculture in the state hurdle free.

Along with the schemes, the government has also ensured uninterrupted infrastructure required to carry out agriculture.

These include free 24x7 power supply for agriculture, a first in the country. Moreover, water supply for agriculture is provided without cess.

The state government has waived-off over 35 lakh farmer loans, worth over Rs 22,000 crore approximately.

These efforts led to Telangana becoming the third largest cotton producer in the country in 2021, behind Maharashtra and Gujarat, respectively. More than 2,615 cotton crop colonies have been established throughout the state as part of these schemes.

None of this could have been possible without a leadership that works tirelessly round the clock for the wellbeing of its farmers.

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