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Telangana's Power Sector Thrives With Tremendous Growth

Telangana's Power Sector Thrives With Tremendous Growth

When Telangana's first government headed by Chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao took charge, it was reeling under an impossible power deficit, as the power supply in the newly formed state was erratic due to disproportionate power supply and meagre transmission capacity.  

This is when the Chief Minister took urgent action by building hundreds of substations of various capacities and empowering State DISCOMs (Distribution Companies). These moves electrified the newest state of India.

Within 200 days of state-formation, CM K. Chandrashekar Rao fulfilled the promise of 24 hours, uninterrupted, quality power supply. There are now no power cuts in the state of Telangana. Not only that, today it is the one and only state in the country to provide 24x7 high-quality power to all the sectors.

Within seven years, the installed power capacity in the state has increased from 7,778 Megawatts in 2014 to 17,305 Megawatts in 2021. The government is now aiming to increase the power capacity to 25,000 Megawatts by 2023, under the Ultra Mega Power Projects. Adding an additional 18,000 Mega Watts of power within a decade is the shortest time span as well as the biggest achievement not witnessed in the history of Indian Power sector yet. 

Moreover, Telangana is leading the country in terms of per capita consumption of power which is a good indicator of the excellent growth in all sectors. In 2014, the per capita consumption was 1,110 units and by 2021 it has reached 2,012 units. The state's power consumption is almost 73 per cent higher than the national average. 

CM Chandra Shekar Rao-led government is also focusing its efforts on the renewable energy sector as Telangana is growing its solar capacity at breakneck speed. The state's installed capacity of solar power has increased 50 times in just  seven  years, from 74 Megawatt in 2014 to 4,431Megawatt in 2021.

Today, Telangana is a shining example of radical power reforms for the entire nation.


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