The Cycle Of Change Telethon

Highlights of #TheCycleOfChange Telethon: How Do We Sustain The Environmental Gains Post The Coronavirus Lockdown

The Cycle Of Change, a campaign initiated by Hero Cycles and NDTV aims to sustain the environmental gains from slipping away once the lockdown is lifted
May 02, 2020
21:00 (IST)
Vesna Jacob, Pilates Expert and Fitness Trainer on Telethon

- Everything can be looked as disaster or an opportunity. I chose the latter. Fitness keeps me grounded and there's no reason why I should continue to do that and get people to do that. We shifted it online and using almost any platform available to create an awareness. Even if the lockdown stops tomorrow, there's a fear and anxiety that has taken up a place in people's mind. 

- This is the time of great disturbance and is unprecedented. I promote integrated holistic approach to fitness. Physical health and spiritual health are important. It will be like a post traumatic stress after COVID, everything will change, even the way we travel and work. Unless we find an outlet from this pressure, it will be difficult to stay calm in this environment. 

About The Campaign

About The Campaign

Since the lockdown began, nature has been given a rest and it has never looked more beautiful.

Our air is cleaner than it has been for years, our skies are blue and clear. We need to maintain this change. 

NDTV and Hero Cycles have joined hands and initiated a campaign #TheCycleOfChange with a motive to keep these environmental gains from slipping away once the lockdown is lifted.

The campaign aims to provide a platform to discuss life after lockdown, as the lockdown may lift, but the virus will stay with each one of us for a long time. So, how do we best work with our lockdown habits, which are becoming the new normal?

How do we keep these environmental gains from slipping away completely?


About The Partner

About The Partner

Hero cycles is a part of The HMC Group which has a $ 1.2 bn asset base and over 7,500 employees across the globe.

Incorporated in 1956, Hero Cycles Limited is the largest cycle manufacturer in the world. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 7.5 million cycles per year, with its units in Ludhiana (Punjab), Bihta (Bihar) & Ghaziabad (UP). The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka as well. In addition to this, the group has a Global Design Center in the UK and owns Avocet Sports in the UK, HNF - a highly specialized high end electric cycles brand in Germany and FireFox Bikes in India.

While Avocet Sports was Hero Cycles’ first overseas acquisition and marked the company’s entry into the European cycle market, the acquisition of Firefox Cycles was a strategic move to cement its position in the fast-growing premium bicycling segment in India. The recent acquisition of HNF gave Hero Cycles entry into the specialized electric cycles in Germany and its design capabilities which can be leveraged to cater to the world demand.

Hero Cycles is a leader in both the standard and special cycle segments in India, with an overall market share of about 40%. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the most modern machinery. A nation-wide distribution network with over 3,000 dealers and the favorable location of its plants near vendors support its operations and facilitate competitive pricing of its cycles. Hero Cycles also exports to various countries in Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.