Vaccinate India - An Initiative By Google and NDTV
Vaccinate India - An Initiative By Google and NDTV

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  • Soumya Swaminathan
    If we want to bring this infection down to extremely low levels then maybe we would want to vaccinate our children as well.Soumya SwaminathanChief Scientist, World Health Organisation
  • Dr Jalil Parkar
    Everyone should understand that COVID-19 vaccines don't give you blanket cover against the virus. You might still get the infection.Dr Jalil ParkarSenior Pulmonary Consultant, Lilavati Hospital
  • Dr Randeep Guleria
    India needs to develop a multi-pronged vaccination strategy to achieve 10 million doses per day that covers every citizen of India, in not just urban areas but also rural areas, to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.Dr Randeep GuleriaDirector, AIIMS
  • Raghu Sharma
    Everyone should take the vaccine especially at a time when we are talking about the third and fourth wave. There should be no vaccine hesitancy. Raghu SharmaMinister of Health & Family Welfare, Rajasthan
  • Anal Ghosh
    Our mission at Google has been to make information useful for every individual. And that's why we have COVID news across search, maps on our platform in eight different languages.Anal GhoshSenior Program Manager, Google India
  • Dr Faheem Younus
    Coronavirus is not going to go away by itself. We either need to immune our people by vaccination or at least 70-80 per cent people should get infected with the virus.Dr Faheem YounusChief of Infectious Diseases, University of Maryland
  • RS Sharma
    The number of vaccination will increase in India. So far we have vaccinated 20 crore people. There is no problem with scalability.RS SharmaCEO, National Health Authority & CoWin Chief
  • Dr Mathew Varghese
    To build confidence in vaccines, we have to put pros and cons and how they have been built and rolled out in public. This will help build confidence among people.Dr Mathew VargheseHead of Orthopaedics, St Stephens Hospital
  • Dr Suneela Garg
    The new variants have much more infectivity. In this wave we are seeing if 1 person gets infected, he/she infects the whole family. Earlier this was not the case. Dr Suneela GargDirector Professor & Head, Community Medicine – MAMC, Member, The Lancet Covid-19 Commission
  • T.S. Singh Deo
    When we rolled out vaccination programme in our villages, we gave training to 7,000 people for giving vaccine. Today, we can administer 3-3.5 lakh vaccines in a day.T.S. Singh DeoMinister of Health, Chhattisgarh
  • Dr Naresh Trehan
    Antibody cocktail is a very effective weapon against COVID-19 infections caught within a week. President Trump got the cocktail and soon got to work. Dr Naresh TrehanChairman, CII Healthcare Council, Chairman & Managing Director, Medanta - The Medicity
  • Dr Ambrish Mithal
    Firstly, we need to open up gradually. Secondly, we need to follow COVID appropriate behaviour. Thirdly, vaccinate as many people as possible.Dr Ambrish MithalChairman and Head of Endocrinology and Diabetes at Max Healthcare- Pan-Max, Saket
  • Eric Feigl-Ding
    Vaccinating is the fastest way to prevent another wave. Vaccination can't stop an immediate wave, but it can prevent another one.Eric Feigl-DingSenior Fellow, Federation of American Scientists
  • Arjun Kapoor
    We have to keep our guard up and be vigilant. The worst is not over and I think it's important that everybody comes together and do their part.Arjun KapoorActor

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