Caring For India
Caring For India


The New COVID-19 Cases Per Day In Delhi Has Decreased: Delhi's Health Minister Satyender Jain

Satyender Jain, Minister of Health, Delhi at the #CaringForIndia telethon said that the COVID-19 cases in the city used to be more than 2,000 per day, but now it is 800-1000 per day. He further said that they are conducting more than 18,000 tests per day and the positivity rate is at about 6 per cent now.


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  • Emergency Relief


    • Curb the spread of the virus by door-to-door screening at Covid hotspots, like urban slums
    • This will expedite the testing process for people showing symptoms


  • Emergency Relief


    • Provide solutions for efficient treatment
    • Scale plasma donations from recovered COVID patients, provide home care for mildly-ill patients and set up remote monitoring of ICUs with 24X7 doctors on call


  • Public Health


    • Save COVID Warriors from the risk of getting infected
    • Provide certified PPE kits and protective equipment to healthcare workers, ASHA and Anganwadi workers in rural areas


Highlights Of #CaringForIndia Telethon: An Initiative To Assist Healthcare Workers In Their Fight Against Coronavirus

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV), in collaboration with the GiveIndia, a non-profit organisation, has initiated a drive to help protect our medical caregivers in the fight against coronavirus outbreak in the country. To support our healthcare workers and protect them from falling ill themselves in the line of duty. 

Here are the Highlights of the #CaringForIndia Telethon:

Aug 15, 2020
19:44 (IST)
In the time of a crisis like this pandemic, both the demand from donors surge - I mean 3.5 lakh donors have donated to the fund, as well as the number of NGOs doing work on this issue has skyrocketed. So literally 70-80% of all NGOs across India say that they are doing some work related to COVID relief: Ingrid Srinath, Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University

GiveIndia to cope with this surge with both supply and demand, was to create a 20 person advisory board comprising of really emminent people across business, philanthropy and civil society to oversee the whole process, define the mandate for the fund, define the fund's priorities and then continue to monitor the fund. 

Within that advisory board there is a 3 person steering committee of which I am part, which meets weekly. And what we do is review proposals that have already been vetted by the GiveIndia staff to meet their criteria and then we examine them for their fit with what the funds purposes are. And then we report back to the board on this, so in a sense there is a three step vetting of every programme that receives money from the funds.

So, all disbursals are reported weekly on the ICRF website and through social media accounts of ICRF. We review it as a committee weekly and the advisory board reviews it fortnightly.



Quote Unquote

  • Satyender Jain
    The situation in Delhi is now under control, it seems. The new cases per day has decreased. It used to be more than 2,000 per day, now it is 800-1000 per day.Satyender JainMinister of Health, Delhi
  • Atul Satija
    Give India started back in 2000 to support our poor. We knew people who can help and far more number of people who needed that help. So we simply made a platform where they both can connect.Atul Satija Founder, 2.0, CEO GiveIndia
  • Dia Mirza
    What has motivated me in these uncertain times is how the citizens groups have come up to help others. It is amazing to see the level of altruism. Dia MirzaActor, Producer, UNEP Goodwill Ambassador and UN Secretary General's Advocate
  • Dr Ravi Wankhedkar
    Mask are to be made compulsory. All the celebrities, opinion makers must wear proper fitting masks all the time everywhere. Mask is the only vaccine presently available.Dr Ravi WankhedkarFormer National President, Indian Medical Association

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About The Campaign

About The Campaign

Our doctors, nurses and other hospital staff have been carrying the heavy burden of the pandemic while working within the limitations of an inadequate public healthcare system.

With 0.55 hospital beds per thousand population, and under 15% of ICUs across the country have dedicated critical care doctors, this campaign is to help bridge some of these gaps for better patient outcomes and to make sure our healthcare workers are safe themselves.

To support our healthcare workers and protect them from falling ill themselves in the line of duty, we have identified three areas of intervention in India’s battle against coronavirus:

  1. Door-to-door community screening in hotspots 
  2. Provide certified PPE kits and masks to save our saviours from the virus
  3. Scale plasma donation and facilitate safe home quarantine solutions 

About The Partner

About The Partner

GiveIndia exists to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give. When founded in the year 2000, it was India’s first and only online donation platform set up to “professionalise giving”, providing donors with a pool of transparent, trusted NGOs towards whom they could confidently direct their compassion and contributions.

Having started with nine nonprofits, verified through a rigorous due diligence process, now there are 1,500 NGOs across GiveIndia’s subscription and crowdfunding platforms.

They serve almost all causes, from popular ones like education, health and children's welfare to others such as climate change, animal welfare, and LGBTQI rights.

Our suite of products and solutions enable all givers - individuals and organisations - to donate conveniently to any cause directly on our platform, at their workplace or through one of our partners.

Our community of 1.5M+ donors and 150+ partners have impacted 8M+ lives across India.

As an immediate response to the COVID pandemic, GiveIndia set up India COVID Response Fund and has since raised ₹200+Cr supporting 40lakh+ individuals via the work of 200+ nonprofits across the country.


NDTV is the broadcast partner for a 2-hour telethon with GiveIndia as the implementation partner to raise donations to combat COVID-19 virus. The donations are received by GiveIndia and shall be utilized according to a plan prepared and monitored by them.  


NDTV has no role to play in the use of donations and will not be liable for any claim(s) made by any person or entity, including any statutory or governmental authority, arising out of the collection or utilization of these donations.