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Highlights Of #FreedomForAll Telethon: An Initiative To Help Reduce Animal Exploitation And Suffering In India

The India Animal Fund Freedom For All campaign envisions a world free of animal harm and exploitation which prioritises ending the suffering of all sentient beings independent of species
Oct 30, 2022
20:40 (IST)
Kuntal Joisher is the World’s first vegan to climb Mt Everest not once but twice! At the #FreedomForAll telethon, he talks about his diet and achievements

As someone with a scientific-oriented mindset, I knew that a well-balanced and plant vegan diet would supply me with all of those nutritions required to not only survive, but thrive while climbing these big mountains. That is why I promised myself that I was going to climb Everest as a vegan, or not do it at all. Now, as I reflect upon the last 12 years of my journey, I have been to the top of Mount Everest twice already, both from the Nepal side and the China side. I have climbed to the top of the tallest mountain in southern America, the tallest mountain in northern America, and I have been part of many, many tough and difficult expeditions across the world.

As someone who works, as a nutrition and a fitness coach and an expert today, I can tell you that veganism is going mainstream. A plant-based diet is going mainstream, and there is a lot of research that has been coming out in the last few years demonstrating that, truly speaking, there's no difference between a plant-based diet compared to an omnivorous diet when it comes to building muscle, when it comes to building stamina, when it comes to building endurance, and which is why I stand here and say that we don't have any excuse today to not be a vegan, to not adopt a plant-based diet. Because not only is it good for us, not only is it good for the animals, but it is good for the planet and is good in every aspect.

About The Campaign

About The Campaign

We cage animals, we test on animals, we hunt animals, we kill animals.

The scale and intensity of animal suffering is far greater than any other form of suffering.

And yet it is a suffering that goes unnoticed by most of us.

Animals globally are in dire need of aid & support from the cruelty that they endure each day. The statistics are appalling & the resolve is barely skimming the surface.

Millions of animals suffer inhuman treatment as a result of illegal trade and poaching, reckless breeding, farm agriculture and lab experiments. The laws that protect animals are archaic, there is poor compliance, and existing facilities and infrastructure at animal shelters are below par, and too few in number.

Despite this animal harm & exploitation on a massive scale, financial support for animal welfare causes is less than 1% of the amount that comes in for human causes.

Animal welfare should concern us all. Human health issues, environmental degradation, global warming and challenges of animal well-being are all interconnected. There is an imminent need to be aware of  and to adopt an one health approach. For one to be healthy, the planet and all living beings on it need to be healthy.

The India Animal Fund Freedom For All campaign envisions a world free of animal harm and exploitation which prioritizes ending the suffering of all sentient beings independent of species.

The campaign aims to provide a platform for effective giving that produces transparent, independent, evidence-based and actionable recommendations of interventions/ organizations to demonstrably reduce animal suffering in India.

It’s now time to fight for the dignity of animal life. It’s now time to treat all sentient beings with compassion.

Join hands with the India Animal Fund Freedom For All campaign to help animals. They only have us for support.

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