Handmade Dil Se
Handmade Dil Se

Highlights of #HandmadeDilSe Telethon: An Initiative To Support India's Weavers and Artisans

Handmade Dil Se is Habba's attempt to bring back the demand for handmade in India and revive the livelihoods of artisans and weavers. Habba has curated surprise hampers from across India for you. The art hampers feature carefully curated art forms across Textiles (handwoven, and hand embroidered), Wooden, Metal, Earthy and Hand Painted handicrafts from across India. You can choose the art forms you want to support and buy these exquisite surprise hampers for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are the Highlights of the #HandmadeDilSe Telethon:

Nov 01, 2020
20:06 (IST)
Weavers need work they don't need charity form anyone. I had a programme in Varanasi, we met excellent weavers who had no work. Children were malnourished, adults were poverty stricken. But no one asked for money. They said, give us work. Not one person in entire village of weavers asked for money: Ratna Krishnakumar, Founder, Aranya Natural & Managing Trustee, Srishti Charitable Trust

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Get Involved

As an Individual:

  1. Select a surprise hamper of your choice
  2. Select the price of your surprise hamper
  3. Provide a delivery location, and complete your purchase

As a Company:

  1. Pledge an amount to support handmade in India
  2. Fulfil your pledge by gifting surprise or custom hampers to your teams and clients
  3. Celebrate the impact you’ve helped create

Meet The Artisans

Meet The Artisans

Banno started working with Habba in 2001, she supports her two young children, in-laws and her own old parents with her earnings.

Meet The Artisans

Gora walks on her hands, she does not have legs. She is part of the production team and is one of the top earners.

Meet The Artisans

Gyarsi comes from a small village and was struck with Polio as a child. She has been working with Habba since the last five years.

Meet The Artisans

Kamala Bamne is one of the best producers and is recognised as a leader amongst the producers of Neemkheda Bhawan.

Meet The Artisans

Naseem Bi has been a producer with Kumbaya for over 5 years now. She dreams of providing the best education for her children.

Meet The Artisans

Urmila Kochle has been working with Habba for 15 years. She has gained strength and courage through her work.

About The Campaign

About The Campaign

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have caused havoc in the lives of rural artisans and weavers. With no orders, and massive stockpiles of inventory, their livelihoods have come to a standstill. Many in fact, have turned to manual labour to sustain themselves and their families. Our artisans and weavers do not need handouts. They need work and orders for them to continue their craft. This festive season, we invite you to stand in solidarity of our artisans and weavers by buying handmade in India. 

Lantana Elephants - A Special Opportunity

Habba is providing a very special opportunity to support handmade in a completely unique way - by buying a priceless Lantana Elephant. The making of these elephants clears forests of the invasive weed lantana camara, provides livelihood to adivasi families, and highlights the cause of nature conservation. In partnership with ‘The Real Elephant Collective’, Habba is offering a limited number of Handmade Lantana Elephants for sale.


Write to handmade@habba.org to buy a Lantana Elephant!

Habba’s Unique Principles: 

  • Honestly Handmade: All products on Habba are at least 60% handmade. Our Hand Over Heart seal certifies the exact percentage for each product.
  • Honest Pricing: We follow a simple policy of transparent pricing. The income for the artisan is disclosed for every product listed on Habba.

When you purchase on Habba, you will be able to:


  1. Buy authentic handmade in India products
  2. Know exactly how much of the funds will go to the artisans
  3. The number of days of employment you have provided

Community Partners

We are deeply grateful for the unconditional support of our incredible impact partner organisations


  • Al Maun
  • Atul Johri Designs
  • Bangla Natak
  • Charaka (Desi)
  • Commitment to Kashmir
  • Craft Council of India
  • Darbar Sahitya Sansad
  • Dastkar Andhra
  • Kala Mandir
  • Kumbaya
  • Magan Khadi 
  • North East Network
  • Paramparik Karigar
  • Porgai
  • Rehwa
  • Samuday Crafts
  • Sangraha
  • Sasha India
  • Tisser
  • Urmul
  • Women Weave and many more


With the support of our impact partners, we will be able to impact 19,460 artisans and their families, across 14 states, and curate surprise hampers across 51 unique art forms.