Pledge To Vote - An NDTV Campaign
Pledge To Vote - An NDTV Campaign


I pledge to vote and encourage all my colleagues to exercise their voting rights. It is the essence of democracy, and we stand behind it.

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    About The Campaign

    India is witnessing the largest celebration of democracy, the Lok Sabha elections.

    As responsible citizens, it's both a privilege and a duty to vote. Unfortunately, urban areas often see low voter turnout, including among office-goers.

    NDTV, with the support of prominent corporate citizens, has initiated a campaign to urge voters to cast their ballots. Corporate leaders pledge to encourage their business families to vote, demonstrating their commitment to civic duty. Their unique messages will serve as a reminder for all to vote responsibly.

    Our "Pledge to Vote" campaign aims to boost voter participation in this grand democratic exercise.


    Pledge To Vote - An NDTV Campaign