The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan
The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan
  • Mission

    To empower individuals by raising awareness about protein intake for a healthier life.

  • Purpose

    Raising protein awareness and educating individuals about the vital role it plays in their overall well-being.

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    About The Campaign

    Protein is an integral part of our nutrition for overall well-being. Its deficiency can have a long-term impact on health and quality of life of the workforce. As per ICMR and IMRB data, 7 out of 10 adults in India have poor intake of protein. 73% of urban Indian adults have diets that are deficient in protein while 82% do not consume right sources or type of protein.

    Protinex is a trusted brand with a history of more than 60 years and an authority on protein and nutrition. In lockstep with the DNA of the brand which is creating awareness about protein and its relevance in health, Protinex is launching the Protinex Protein Abhiyaan – an awareness initiative to educate consumers about the importance and role of adequate protein consumption for better health and wellbeing. With this initiative, Protinex aims to educate consumers about their protein requirements and right food choices, for meeting quantity and quality of Protein in daily diets.

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    • Dr Monica Mahajan
      Proteins, the essential building blocks of the human body, are composed of numerous essential and non essential amino acids. They play a vital role both in health as well as recuperating from a disease. Indian diet has a problem in being too carbohydrate rich with very few good quality proteins incorporated in it. There can be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian sources of protein in the diet including lentils, paneer, soya, dairy products, chicken and fish. Other foods like red meat, cheese and egg yolk need to be avoided since these are high in cholesterol. Try and eat a healthy and balanced diet. When you dine-out, pick up sensible food choices from the menu. Certain individuals need protein supplements. These include pregnant women, athletes, elderly, patients with chronic illnesses like tuberculosis. Ask your doctor for advice since patients with diabetes, kidney and liver disease have varied recommendations for the type of proteins to be included in their diets.Dr Monica MahajanDirector, Internal Medicine, Max Hospitals
    • Dr Kavita Gupta
      Protein is an essential macronutrient which provides amino acids which are important for the growth and maintanence of our cells and tissues especially in children, pregnancy and lactation period and during specific illness. Simple Solutions:-
      • Add a protein in every meal
      • Quality & Quantity of Protein consumption is important
      • Add legumes, beans, sprouts, dals, milk and milk products, whey, soya, pea, nuts, oilseeds, egg, non- vegetarian foods are good sources of protein hence consume as per requirement
      Caution:- Remember, over consumption of protein may be harmful. Always consult a qualified dietician Choose Right, Eat Right India!Dr Kavita GuptaDirector, Dietetics & Therapeutic, Diabetes Education, Nagpur
    • Dr Ritika Smamadar
      Protein is the most important macronutrient which is essential for growth and crucial for building immunity of the body. The requirement for an adult is approximately 50-60g / day, though it depends on the age, health status of the individual. According to a latest survey by IMRB showed that 73% of urban India is protein deficient. Hence, it’s important to create awareness on the importance of protein on our health, how much to take and what are the sources of protein.Dr Ritika SmamadarChief Dietician, Max Healthcare, New Delhi

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