Safe In Cyberia
Safe In Cyberia

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  • Kazim Rizvi
    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the surge in people using the internet has also led to more of their data being available online and so the crimes have also increased.Kazim RizviFounding Director, The Dialogue
  • Ranjana Kumari
    In order to make the online world safer, we need India to work on a policy change. How to keep yourself safe online should be a part of school curriculum. Ranjana KumariDirector, Centre for Social Research
  • Manoj Abraham
    The internet is a dangerous neighbourhood for everybody, our children and adults. But children are more vulnerable.Manoj AbrahamNodal Officer, Kerala Police Cyberdome
  • Ramaguru Radhakrishnan
    Mindful sharing is important, this way you can restrict the amount of information that is going out. Ramaguru RadhakrishnanAssistant Professor, TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham 
  • Rama Vedashree
    Privacy is a fundamental right and there is a need for some legislation to deploy the same. Rama VedashreeCEO, Data Security Council of India
  • Srinivas Kodali
    It is our duty to increase awareness and make the online world safe. Srinivas KodaliResearcher Working On Data, Governance & Internet
  • Ritesh Bhatia
    When trolling happens with kids, we call it cyber bullying. We have seen several people being bullied to such an extent that they want to commit suicide. It's extremely important to talk about it with your children.Ritesh BhatiaCybercrime Investigator and Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Anubha Srivastava
    Children are actually living in virtual worlds, we need to take action as a society. We need to take initiative to tell children about the harms and positives of the internet.Anubha SrivastavaPresident, India Wide Parents Association


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