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Teach Responsible Online Behaviour To Youngsters: Srinivas Kodali

Srinivas Kodali, Researcher working on data, governance and internet said on the #SafeInCyberia telethon that advocacy and awareness among young adults is critical given that this age group is already online and needs to preserve their privacy.


Digital environment that the pandemic created has further taken over practically every aspect of our lives. All our needs are being met online. Young adults, especially those in schools, are consuming and interacting with data like never before. But we are not just getting from the online world, we are also giving out something vital - information. About us. Without even knowing it.

Cybercrime, which includes everything from theft and embezzlement to data hacking and identity theft, was up 600% as a result of the pandemic. But the vast majority of the teens and young adults are not aware of the perils of the online world.

Issues of data security and privacy are not widely known. The frequent use of digital tools to lure young people into dangerous and compromising situations is not known. The infinite possibilities and types of cybercrime are not known.