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Coronavirus Lockdown: Using His Own Savings, CRPF Officer On Leave Provides Dry Ration To The Needy

Coronavirus Lockdown: Using His Own Savings, CRPF Officer On Leave Provides Dry Ration To The Needy
Meet 48-year-old CRPF officer feeding people in need despite being off-duty due to coronavirus lockdown


  1. CRPF ASI Padmeswar Das is officially on leave and is currently in Assam
  2. Mr Das invested around Rs. 10,000 to provide dry ration to people in need
  3. Mr Das has distributed over 50 food kits having rice, salt, potato, pulse

A CRPF ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector) Padmeswar Das who is officially on a leave at his home in Assam during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, is busy performing his duty as a responsible citizen. The 48-year-old trooper is helping those affected by the lockdown in his tiny village of Chatanguri in Assam by providing dry ration from his own savings.

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Mr Das had come for his scheduled leave on March 3 and by the time he was supposed to get back to his duty a nationwide lockdown was declared in the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, forcing him to stay back in his village only.

My unit based in Kashmir valley also sent in a message asking me to stay put and not return, said Mr Das whose unit is deployed in South Kashmir's Shopian district.

During his stay in his village, Mr Das noticed the plight of the poor, worst hit by the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown. It is then he decided to help the needy and discussed the possible ways with his mother and wife who showed full support.

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Talking about what prompted him to take up the noble cause single handedly, Mr Das said,

My force stands for the motto 'service and loyalty' whether a jawan is alone or in a group. Had I been with my force, I would have had an army of my colleagues and officers to help the needy. Then I thought I can be one-man army.

Determined to help the needy, Mr Das took his scooty to the nearest market to purchase dry ration including rice, oil, potato, pulses, onion and other essentials. And the following day, Mr Das along with his family prepared over 50 packets of dry ration. Each food kit had 2 kgs of rice, 1 kg potato, a small bottle of mustard oil, a packet of salt, onions and half kg pulses.

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After preparing food kits, Mr Das wore his uniform as movement of civilians was barred during a lockdown, covered his face with gamocha (traditional Assamese scarf) and loaded the dry ration kits on a handcart and went on to distribute the food.

For the noble deed, Mr Das invested around Rs. 10,000 from his own pocket as he believes "efforts of any kind always count".

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Mr Das's efforts were lauded by Jammu and Kashmir Zone of CRPF and felicitated him for his outstanding work in helping people in a remote area of Assam.

Neeraj Pandey, Mr Das's boss and Commandant of the 76th battalion of the force based in Jammu also praised him and said, “I am proud of what Das did to help people despite being on official leave. He has gone beyond his call of duty but that is what our ethos and regimentation are all about.”

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My colleagues in my delta company unit in Shopian and in the entire force are spread out to help in the fight against coronavirus and the lockdown affected people in whatever way they can. I am just one among them, said Mr Das.

With inputs from PTI

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