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  • Suresh Raina
    Remember, doctors are the cover which is protecting you. Maybe not directly, but someone you perhaps might know. So, you really need to be wise in this situation because they are doing so much for us and don't disrespect them.Suresh RainaCricketer
  • David Nabarro
    When we are dealing with a major issue like we are now, we need to work together. It is a problem of humanity. We have many organisations to put the needs of poor people at the front stage. We want to leave no one behind.David NabarroWHO Director General's Special Envoy For COVID-19 Response
  • Shobana Kamineni
    80 per cent will be asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, so a lot of our people who are fighting understand the risk. We have to be prepared at the situation, the healthcare workers know that they will most likely contract the virus until there is a vaccine.Shobana KamineniExecutive Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and Former CII President
  • Bhaichung Bhutia
    The most important thing is to make sure healthcare workers are safe. I have been following COVID-19 since day 1, what we have been hearing that they are not able to get the right equipment. If they are safe, they will be able to help the people who are suffering. Bhaichung BhutiaFormer Captain, Football Team
  • Vidya Balan
    We need to pay healthcare workers respect and thank them. We need to support them and help them with PPE kits. We need more campaigns like #UniteWithoutBorders.Vidya BalanActor
  • Dr Prince Mathew
    When COVID-19 happened, we wanted to support the places we were in and bihar was an important location for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).Dr Prince MathewRegional Director-Asia, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
  • Professor Ashish Jha
    This is very early in the pandemic, the most important thing to remember is that we are probably a year away to having a vaccine.Professor Ashish JhaProfessor of Global Health, Harvard And Faculty Director Of The Harvard Global Health Institute
  • Dr. Unni Karunakara
    There are large number of people who are at a higher risk. The lockdown happened at the correct time, but the migrant workers who wanted to return home, could have been managed better. Dr. Unni KarunakaraFormer International President and Senior Fellow, Yale University’s Institute for Global Health
  • Anu Aga
    It is important to recognise the efforts by healthcare workers in these difficult days. Doctors, nurses and the entire staff who are working under very difficult conditions are doing a tremendous job.Anu AgaFounder-Trustee, Teach For India and Former Chairperson, Thermax Limited
  • Dr Anjan Trikha
    The position in India is much better. I think if we test more, we will have more cases. On the health front, we are doing much better than many other countries.Dr Anjan TrikhaChairman Of Clinical Managerial Group, Covid Centre, AIIMS
  • Vikram Kirloskar
    I have seen people pulling their mask down, we need to ensure that we all wear mask properly. Together we need to combat the virus. Vikram KirloskarChairman and Managing Director of Kirloskar Systems Limited, Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Former President of CII
  • Naina Lal Kidwai
    3 months down the line we have a better idea what is happening around the world in COVID. People are more disciplined now, but we need to do our bit even more as we come out of the lockdown.Naina Lal KidwaiFormer Country Head and Group  General Manager, HSBC India and Former President, FICCI
  • Viswanathan Anand
    As chess players, we often sit alone. We often isolate ourselves and work. But this is crazy. I've never had anything like this.Viswanathan AnandFive Time World Chess Champion & Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardee
  • Devi Sridhar
    These groups that are providing this medical care are saving lives and doing very valuable work that we should all applaud and support.Devi SridharProfessor of Global Public Health, University of Edinburgh and Founding Director, Global Health Governance Programme

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The global prices for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) have been fluctuating  dramatically since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this the price mentioned for a full PPE kit - face protection, goggles and mask or face shield, gloves, gown or coverall, head cover, rubber boots - may not reflect the final purchase price. As well as being able to procure PPE in necessary numbers, MSF also requires it to be of a necessary standard. The volatility of the global PPE market is likely to continue, which is why MSF has been calling for a form of regulation to allow equitable and reliable distribution of medical equipment and PPE that is of necessary minimum quality.

The cost mentioned is for a kit for a caregiver and not a single PPE kit.​​