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India Stays Home And Fights Spread Of COVID 19

Of the 18 years, she has been a banker, this is the first time Rohini Singh is working from home. Rohini Singh, Director, Deutsche bank told us, "First two days you feel a little edgy, you feel a little agitated and you don't feel fully comfortable. But I think after that when you once get your discipline, your routine, your infrastructure up and running it effectively been very productive for me. And I think the extension of that is also getting the entire house discipline right. So whether it's the kids, whether it's the staff, I think now it's working pretty well."

But sometimes, something that one isn't used to could just be a good thing. A mother of 8-year-old twins is also enjoying spending quality time with her family.

We having lunch together after years am enjoying time with family and luckily they are little so not too much study pressure, added Rohini. 

Sandeep Kataria has travelled the world in various leadership roles, he has worked from home before ...but this he says is unprecedented. Sandeep Kataria, CEO, Bata India told NDTV,

I have worked before but in India, it's different as the team is getting used it. It is productive but yes maybe 2-3 times a week as we have to go to ultimately sell the shoe and need a market, customers. We have taken a new policy also about working from home but one needs technology, computers.

And with everyone staying at home, working from home means a lot of multitasking. Sandeep adds,

I am doing 2 things; laundry because I have sold a lot of rin and surf in my earlier jobs and since I have worked in the food industry, I am also cooking so we have a roster of who is doing what through this.

Work from home is a new reality, companies and lakhs of individuals around India are slowly getting used to. But staying at home during a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Corona is not just for those who work. For children, this lockdown which was initially an extended vacation but now it is about ensuring they have something to keep them busy.

Udai, a grade 10th student is happy to be back from his boarding school in Dehradun but now with no news of when schools will reopen; he and his parents are making sure he keeps busy. Udai Singh Dungurpur, Student said,

Although I miss school and miss my friends, not being able to play sports but I am trying to make the best of the worst situation. I have been spending time playing the piano, reading books which I might not usually get time for because of school. Actually digital classes are more productive then I imagined. teachers are prepared for class, they have worksheets and everything ready so they don't waste time during the class drawing on boards and all.

While school across the country are using various apps and techniques to teach students, parents have found novel ways of keeping children busy.

No school, no outdoor activities, no social interactions, so let's learn some new skills and also help. Mihir and Zohar have started to do basic household chores along with their mother. Pratima Gokula Chandra, marketing and brand consultant shared,

Since we had part-timers, I am having to everything which is very challenging but both the boys have been very helpful and pitch in cleaning, folding clothes and even fill the drinking water bottles but my work has taken a set back as I am not getting any time.

Technology is helping kids continue their extra circular activities as well … Mihir is enjoying his piano class while Zohar has taken to yoga.

It's not fun to be locked in but I am having school classes then I do yoga, watch a movie with my parents and also help my mom a bit, said 9-year-old Zohar Duhan.

Like most kids, 10-year-old Aishani is not happy staying at home as she misses her friends but is keeping herself busy by doing some of her favourite things. Aishani Rao told us,

I am sad that I can't go out and play with my friends but am doing some painting, sketching and baking cakes and cookies. I am having online classes but I prefer going to school.

The coronavirus outbreak is testing many parents' rules about "screen-time" … With online schooling, children are spending more time on their computers or ipads. It is also their way of connecting with their friends. 13-year-old Girvaan Singh, said,

After zoom classes, I have some time to play games so that's when I connect with my friends and we chat. In the evening, I play with pup who is 4 months and some board games with my family.

Many of us have been forced to change our lifestyles and are finding new ways to stay active indoors. With gyms and workout studios closed, fitness enthusiasts have found new ways of staying fit. Vesna, a trainer and physiotherapist is using technology to stay connected with her clients. But she believes this time more than ever before is one where we have to be physically and mentally fit.

How do we realign ourselves as per this huge disruption that is happening worldwide? And technology is the only answer we are having so same as with everyone else I have shifted my entire work into the virtual sphere Providing on regular sessions as a free contribution to the society as I feel that we all should contribute in whichever small way we can with our skill, knowledge or whatever else we have to offer, said Vesna Pericevic Jacob, Founder, Vesna's alta celo.

And it's not just the regular workout, sports academies are ensuring their players continue to practice.

Jaivant Singh, a football player told us how the videos are helping him. “Because of lockdown we can't go out but I love sports and my sir is sending videos of exercises which I practice so that I become better”.

Davide Marchini, Technical director, Sports Root Soccer Academy explains,

It's important to keep the children in touch with the game and stay active and balance and also keep up their fitness and these with these exercises kids can do easily in little space. Kids have a lot of free time so they will improve technique and be in touch with us by sharing videos.

Scientific and psychological studies have shown that music can lift our moods, combat depression, improve blood flow, lower levels of stress-related hormones and also ease the pain. During the lockdown, balcony concerts have been a great way for a community to relax and bond over music. Vishal Malik, Director of operations and administration, McKinsey & Company, India told NDTV, “Music binds people and tough times like this I tried to sing and last week went live on Facebook, had over 200 watching. It is just to lighten the mood for my neighbours and community. Music has been my passion but life took me to the corporate work but I believe in pursuing my passion.” 

Many in the community believe this concert is therapeutic for them. “When we are locked in our homes, this concert is extremely helpful, and we as a family spend time in our balcony listening to some wonderful music”, shared Mansi Kochar, Legal head. SABIC, Indi sub-continent.

The Lockdown has not hampered the spirit of this Reading group in the NCR. Instead of a meeting in person, a group of 50 people decided to take it online with virtual reading. A first in 10 years. Vaishalee Jolly, Founder & Chef, Vaishalee's tips and treats.

To fight COVID-19, the need of the hour is to maintain social distancing, so while India stays at home… maintaining psychological health may be the greatest challenge. “Lockdown can be stressful but we must sleep and wake up at the same time. Don't indulge too much into social media and take care of food, exercise daily and stay in touch with friends and family. Most important to be positive, stay indoors and if you cant cope reach out to family and friends” said, Dr Anjali Chhabria, Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist.

Online platforms have become the "electronic town square"… where many are connecting with friends and family … Lots of apps are available for community or group video calls which may help people stay connected and protected.  

The complete lockdown is to aid social distancing. The stay at home is a new concept for India….. Innovative ways in which work, schooling, exercising, socializing is all happening while staying at home, but remember we are all in this together, we are not alone. Let's ensure we help in India coming together to fight against COVID 19.

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