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Simple Habits Like Washing Hands Regularly Are Key To Prevent COVID19

New Delhi: 

This simple thing, done regularly and properly can save lives. According to health and sanitation experts all around the world, hand washing is one of the most effective methods to prevent many infectious diseases. Washing one's hands is also is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective measures against the spread of the Coronavirus. Dr. Arundati Muralidharan, Manager- Policy, WaterAid, India shared,

It is possible for all of us to play an important role in protecting ourselves and the community from coronavirus by washing our hand with soaps at all times. This is a very simple and highly protective act.

Coronavirus spreads through tiny droplets when the infected person coughs and sneezes. Inhaling or touching surfaces that an infected person has been in contact with can lead to the spread of the infection. It is extremely important to follow basic hygiene to prevent the infection from spreading.

Handwashing is the first line of defence to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus and that too for at least 20 seconds regularly through the day. One need to lather the backs of your hands, between the fingers, and under the nails. It is also important to dry hands with a clean towel. For some reason, if soap and water isn't readily available, an alcohol-based hand rub that contains at least 60 per cent alcohol can also be used.

For the Coronavirus with no vaccine presently, it is important to practice preventative measures, such as hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and social distancing to slow the outbreak. Dr Pratap C Reddy, Founder, Apollo Hospitals shared with us,

First we aware use the mask, maintain distance because the virus can travel some distance, don't touch anything. If you touch then wash your hands, that is very important.

India is enforcing perhaps the most extensive lockdown in the world; a social distancing effort aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus. Together we can fight the virus, It is important to protect ourselves, so besides hand washing, social distancing we also need to practice respiratory hygiene, cough etiquette's and avoid our touching eyes, nose and mouth.

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About The Campaign

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