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Art Fertility: Let's Talk Infertility

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One in every six couples struggle with infertility in India. There is a growing infertility crisis that nobody talks about because of the stigma associated with it. ART Fertility Clinics presents Let’s Talk Infertility, with answers to the questions you don’t know who to ask. Leave us your questions and concerns about IVF treatment using the form below and we will answer them through our campaign.
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What to do for IVF?
When to see the doctor?
My egg quality is not of good. What can I do for that to improve naturally?
Need to know about Fertility.
I have 1 twelve year old boy after 1st issue in 2010 aborted one in 2012. But after that from 2014 we tried for baby but till date not succeeded. Myself is i40 yr and my husband is 44. I am fit but my husband is diabetic. Pl tell me what is the chance for me to conceive.
Can a couple have a baby through IVF after a miscarriage?
Are babies born from IVF healthy as normal babies? Also later do they have a normal childhood or can get any health issues?
Why are ivf children usually fraternal twins?
What is the Success rate in IVF?
I want to evaluate my Fertility to evaluate what are my options to get a baby. If needed, me and my wife are ready to go for IVF or any other method, but we are clueless about right place/doctor to approach. Please help.
What is PCOS?
I have been married for the last 3yrs and no baby because doctors said I have low and dead semen. What can we do? We want to have a baby?
I am a 29 years old female who has been diagnosed with endometriotic cysts. Will this affect my chances of conceiving? What are my options?
Which is better for me if I have unexplained infertility: IUI or IVF? Pls explain the pros and cons.
I am a 26 years old female who had three abortions previously with tablets. My blood, thyroid and hormone tests are normal, but in the last two pregnancies, the doctor suggested to abort the child during the third month of pregnancy as the baby was not growing. Why am I suffering from incomplete pregnancy? Can I become a mother?
Do I need to be on bedrest if I plan to undergo IVF for pregnancy? Will it harm my health?
My 32 years old wife was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. We are planning for a child. What is the right treatment for hypothyroidism and how long does she need to be treated? Will my wife conceive while on treatment for hypothyroidism?
Can I undergo IVF at the age of 45? Does age impact Fertility in men?
I am a 35-year-old woman and my husband is 38 years old, We've been trying to conceive naturally since past 6-7 months with no luck. Are we infertile? After trying to conceive for how long should one be called infertile?
What is the first line of treatment for infertility?
My 31 years old husband is suffering from low sperm count (3 million/ml) and poor motility - 20%. I have undergone some tests and my reports were normal. Last month my husband underwent semen analysis and the results were the same as mentioned above.
Can I travel more than 4-6 hours in a car after my transfer or fly in a plane?
Can I continue gymming during or after treatment?
If I don't get pregnant the first time how long I have to wait to try again?
Me and my husband are the same blood group, can ivf be possible?
How and when can pregnancy be confirmed?
I am an active smoker, will I affect my pregnancy chances.
I am 45 years now will IVF be okay?
How much an ivf treatment costs?
How can one diagnose infertility in men and women?
If I am experiencing symptoms of PCOS and want to learn more about how that may affect my Fertility or overall health, what tests do I need?
Is it true that women are more responsible for infertility than man?
Does infertility affect the couple's psychological well-being, and what is the best way to manage this?
If I am on birth control pills, how soon after I stop taking them should I begin trying to get pregnant?
I am 32 years old and want to know Does taking too many medications and birth control pills affect one's Fertility?
What is the fastest way to get pregnant with PCOS? Should they try conceiving as soon as they are diagnosed or can wait?
I am 36 years old female and want to start a family now. I want to know when is a woman most fertile? How often should we try to get pregnant?
I am a 40 years old man and got married 2 years back. Is there a way I can check for the quality of my sperms? What affects the quality of sperms?
My husband has no problems with ejaculation, isnt that proof of Fertility? Why is our doctor asking us for tests?
If my doctor gives me hormones for Fertility, will it lead to any side effects?
What are assisted reproductive technologies? How can they help us?
Is it rare to get pregnant with endometriosis?
Hi, I am 38 years old and my doctor says I have decreased ovarian reserve; what does that mean, and what impact will it have on me?
If I have had a baby once normally, can I be infertile now?
What role does stress play in causing Infertility? I have been under much stress in the family and feel it is affecting me. Please help
I am getting married in a few months and am worried about my fertility. Are there some ways one can prevent Infertility?
What are some myths about Infertility?
What is the best time during my menstrual cycle to get pregnant?
What are my options for Infertility? Which is the safest?
If I make some lifestyle changes, will I be able to conceive faster? What are these changes?
Please explain the side effects of fertility treatments.
If I cannot get pregnant, who is the right doctor to approach?
What diseases can prevent a couple from conceiving? Should some tests be done before I get married?
What does it mean to be infertile? Can a 25 year be infertile?
Will my food habits impact my fertility?
Does our lifestyle affect fertility?
Can infertility be genetic? Is there a way to know?
How common is infertility in our country?
Who is the right doctor to address and accurately treat infertility?
What is the first symptom of infertility? How can one know it early?
Does undergoing IVF cause any health issues later in life?
Is it necessary that IVF will always lead to multiple pregnancies? I want one child so what can I do?
Why am I not responding to the drugs I got for ovarian stimulation?
How can I prepare for an IVF cycle, both physically and emotionally?
What are the success rates for IVF, and what factors can affect those rates?
As a couple struggling to conceive, what steps should we take to identify the root cause of our fertility issues?
What are the risks and side effects of IVF, and how can they be minimised?
What is the cost of IVF, and how can patients finance the procedure?
How many embryos should be transferred during IVF, and what factors should be considered when making that decision?
What are some common lifestyle changes patients can make to improve their chances of success with IVF?
How does IVF differ from other forms of fertility treatment, such as IUI or surrogacy?
What are the steps involved in the IVF process?
As someone considering IVF, what should I expect during the initial consultation with a fertility specialist?
Are there any risks or potential complications associated with IVF?
Are there any alternatives to IVF for couples struggling with Infertility?
How does age affect the success rate of IVF?
What are the options for preserving fertility through IVF, such as egg or embryo freezing?
Are there any ethical concerns associated with IVF?
How does using donor eggs or sperm in IVF work, and what are the legal and ethical considerations?
Can a man with a low sperm count still father a child, and what are the options for assisted reproduction?
Can IVF be used to screen for genetic disorders or choose the sex of the baby?
How does IVF impact the physical and emotional well-being of individuals undergoing treatment?
What happens if an IVF cycle is unsuccessful, and what are the options for future attempts?
How does age impact the success of IVF treatment?
Are there any alternative or complementary therapies that we can explore to enhance fertility?
Can frozen embryos be used in IVF, and what are the success rates compared to fresh embryos?
What is a healthy sperm count, and how does it affect male fertility?
What are the causes of low sperm count, and how can it be diagnosed?
What lifestyle factors can impact sperm count, such as diet or drinking alcohol?
How can I talk to my partner, family, and friends about my decision to pursue IVF, and what support can they offer?
How long can embryos be frozen, and what happens if I decide not to use them?
How can I ensure my frozen embryos are stored safely and securely?
How do the roles of the intended parents differ in IVF and surrogacy, and what kind of relationship can they have with the surrogate or biological mother?
What other considerations should be considered when deciding between IVF and surrogacy, such as cultural, religious, or personal beliefs?

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