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The Problem Of Infertility In India

[Brand Amp] With the campaign, Let's Talk Infertility, we are creating awareness and education about infertility & fertility treatments. We are busting myths and talking instead about solutions and support for those who hope to conceive a child. In this episode of Let's Talk Infertility, we speak with international experts from the field of reproductive medicine and assisted reproduction technologies about the infrastructure and expertise needed in infertility treatments and understand the science in its finer details.


  • When Is The Right Time To See A Fertility Specialist
    Thursday March 16, 2023

    Infertility can often be treated with simple medication. Occasionally one may need IVF. The choice of treatment depends on the test results, the time the couple tried to get pregnant, the couple's overall health, and the couples choice.

  • Breaking The Infertility Taboo
    Tuesday February 21, 2023

    Usually, it is the woman who bears the brunt of infertility but according to experts, infertility is caused by 50 per cent male and 50 per cent female factors.


Is A Woman Always Responsible For A Couple’s Inability To Conceive?
When And Why Should I Go For An IVF Treatment?
Why Do We Need Many Eggs While Undergoing IVF Though I Need Only 1 Child Now?
Will I Lose My Eggs Faster After Undergoing IVF Treatment And Retrieving So Many Eggs?
Are There Any Side Effects Associated With IVF Treatment?
Art Fertility: Let's Talk Infertility - A Campaign By Art Fertility Clinics and NDTV

About The Campaign

About The Campaign


According to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 30 million of the Indian couples are affected by infertility. Out of which only 3 million are actively seeking treatment.

This is what is the context of the campaign. We talk about the scale of this quiet, yet widespread, issue that couples in India are battling with i.e. infertility.

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