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London Goes Into Stricter Lockdown,"Difficult Winter Ahead"

Europe, which was hoping it could put Covid to rest, has instead seen a resurgence of the virus. Case numbers have been rising and because of this, hospital admissions too. European nations are trying to find the right combination of measures - local lockdowns, test-and-trace initiatives, economic support and public communication - to bring down numbers as winter approaches. France has reported more than 30,000 cases in 24 hours. Italy is poised to be removed from England's travel corridor. The World Health Organisation has said the soaring number of Covid cases in Europe is of "great concern", but the situation is still better than the peaks in April. The united Kingdom has a three-tier alert system for different regions in place. London has entered into a tighter lockdown. We speak with Dr Sonia Adesara who is a doctor with the National Health Service in the UK.

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