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Humanity Over Religion: A Gurdwara In Punjab Opens Its Community Kitchen For Students Of Madarsa


  1. Punjab's Malerkotla is known for its communal harmony since centuries
  2. Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib in Punjab's Malerkotla fed Madarsa students
  3. Gurdwara served food to 45 students and three Maulvis for 60 days
New Delhi: 

The Sikh community is known for its rich living tradition of serving meals to all, regardless of one's caste, class, religion, social or economic status, and political consideration through ‘langar' or community kitchen in Gurdwara. Time and again the Sikh Community has come forward to help and feed people and their work during the Coronavirus pandemic and a subsequent lockdown when people were stranded has been exemplary. One such shining and heart-warming example comes from Punjab's Malerkotla where 45 students were stranded in a Madarsa.

On March 22, India witnessed a Janata curfew imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was soon followed by a 21 days nationwide lockdown. The sudden lockdown left students and Maulvis of a Madarsa in Malerkotla helpless but soon they received help from Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib.

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Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib ensured that not a single Muslim student of the Madarsa goes hungry even for a single day and served two meals to all 45 students and three Maulvis for 60 days. Talking about the gesture, Bhai Narinder Pal Singh, Head Granthi, Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib, Malerkotla, said,

On March 22, we received a phone call, asking the Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib for help. We provided food twice a day for these children and for anyone who needed food. This langar carried on for two months.

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The madrasa which majorly has students from outside Punjab is grateful to the Sikh community for extending a helping hand. Showing gratitude to the members of Gurdwara and every person who contributed in ensuring langars don't stop, Maulana said,

These children were helpless and in distress. These people really helped by providing food twice a day for a long period of time. We are thankful to them.

Punjab's Malerkotla is known for its communal harmony since centuries and during a Coronavirus pandemic, people from different religions once again proved that humanity and kindness go a long way and it always wins over religion.

You too can be a part of the ‘sewa' by Sikh Community. Contribute now and support our langars to feed millions during the Coronavirus crisis.

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About The Campaign

India is in crisis. 

At a time when infection rates are soaring and every day brings grim news, at a time when beds, oxygen, medicine & hope seem to have all run out, all of India is feeling the same despair, the same distress, the same devastation. 

But through the darkness, there has been a ray of light.

The Sikh community has been at the forefront of relentlessly helping people during through the pandemic. If the rich living tradition of food sharing, as widely practiced in langars or community kitchens, fed millions last year, then this year the langars have provided an even more critical & basic element of life – oxygen.

In the time honoured Sikh tradition of selfless service and compassion, these Oxygen Langars sprang up almost immediately across affected cities, and in gurdwaras, where volunteers stood with oxygen cylinders for hours, helping breathless patients breathe, helping India breathe.

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee & NDTV are coming together for a special fundraising campaign, Dil Se Sewa – Helping India Breathe.

The funds raised will aid in providing this urgently needed support, amongst many others. It will go to support the gurdwara’s immediate & critical interventions like the oxygen langars, a newly created COVID care facility and the free ambulance service. But it will also contribute to other existing efforts that all aim to strengthen India’s health system for the future  – the free dialysis hospital, the low cost MRI & CT Scan centre and the dawakhanas that provide medicines at reasonable rates.