Employer Excellence Awards
  • Award Categories

    Award Categories

    The awards were given across 10 categories which are important for the well-functioning of both employers and employees and make an employee’s duration in an organisation comfortable and productive, thus ensuring that the best opportunities deserve the best employers. Read More

  • Meet The Jury

    Meet The Jury

    The jury for the Mercer NDTV Employer Excellence Awards 2017 comprised eminent people from the industry and independent experts. The jury went over each category and followed a very stringent selection criteria, to first shortlist and then decide on the final winner. Read More

  • Awards Process

    Awards Process

    The Mercer NDTV Employer Excellence Awards 2017 followed the process of participants entering their nominations via a duly filled nomination form, following which they were scrutinised by a jury panel who collated the nominations to determine the winners. Read More


A young country, hungry for the best opportunities deserves the best employers. NDTV and Mercer join hands to present the Employer Excellence Awards, honouring the best employers, and their top practices. The awards honour work cultures that have people at the centre. The awards aim to showcase organisations which respect diversity and differences, understand the need for equal opportunities, and for whom work-life balance is more than a catchy phrase.


Employer Excellence Awards 2017: Meet The Winners