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Rang De and NDTV aim to prevent children from dropping out of school and help them continue their education, despite the disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign hopes to provide interest free loans to young students from low income households.

About The Campaign

About The Campaign

Schools are beginning to reopen amidst a lot of chaos. Teachers have had to undergo salary cuts, many parents have not been able to pay the school fees due to job losses. For low income households, the challenge is accentuated further. With classes going online, thousands of children have had to scramble for gadgets to get online. The digital divide has never been more obvious, resulting in several kids dropping out of school.

To address the brewing crisis in the education space, Rang De along with NDTV hopes to intervene by providing interest free loans to low income households. The campaign aims to create awareness about the problem and raise interest free loans for student communities across India.

How The Initiative Works

The interest free loans can be availed to cover:

  1. Admission and Tuition fees
  2. Expenses incurred for buying books, instruments and gadgets (laptops, smartphones)


About The Partner

Rang De is a peer-to-peer lending platform that enables individuals to invest in fellow Indians. Started in 2008 as a non-profit, Rang De is now an RBI regulated peer-to-peer lending platform (NBFC-P2P).

Rang De's mission is to provide access to low cost, collateral-free loans with respect and dignity. Since inception, Rang De has been supporting farmers, artisans and small businesses and individuals who have been denied credit or cannot afford high-interest loans.

*Disclaimer: NDTV is the broadcast partner for a Sponsored Campaign by Rang De P2P Financial Services Limited. NDTV has no role to play in the funds collected by Rang De or loans granted by them. NDTV will not be liable for any claim(s) made by any person or entity, including any statutory or governmental authority, arising out of the collection or utilization of the funds.