Reimagine Our Children's Future

Highlights Of NDTV-UNICEF #Reimagine Telethon: An Initiative To Protect Most Vulnerable Children Affected By COVID-19

Children are the forgotten victims of the pandemic. COVID has severely affected not just children's health but has caused many of them to drop out of school. Family incomes are badly hit and so is children's nutrition and health including timely immunisation. With lockdowns being relaxed, things will improve but will not get back to normal for a very long time – during which time lives, educations and futures will be lost. Help us protect our most vulnerable children. The pandemic has shown that every child is at risk. Let's reimagine our children's future. Join NDTV and UNICEF's special campaign, 'Reimagine Our Children's Future.'

The campaign aims to help protect the most vulnerable children affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Without immediate funding and key lifesaving interventions like health care, nutrition, and immunization, an additional 1,600 children could die in India everyday over the next six months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weaken health systems and disrupt routine services. Without our interventions and investments – of ideas, resources and heart - these children will have no future. It is in our hands to ensure that these forgotten victims of a catastrophic global crisis are given a future.

Here are the Highlights of the #Reimagine Telethon:

Nov 22, 2020
22:35 (IST)
Priya Nair, Executive Director, Beauty & Personal Care, Hindustan Unilever Limited on #Reimagine telethon:

HUL was one of the first organizations that announced a hundred crore fund towards helping the nation fight the Coronavirus. And we did this in March of 2020. And we took a range of measures, the most important being that as the biggest soap manufacturer in the country, we really took the opportunity to donate almost two crore soaps to the vulnerable and more needy sections of our society. We partnered with UNICEF to actually distribute these soaps in over 18 states and support these vulnerable sections of the population to fight the pandemic. These soaps have reached the most remote parts of our country. Be it, you know, in the far Northeast of our country, or in tribal areas of central India, or the slums of our urban centers.

I think the second is really is between UNICEF and us, we developed a national mass media communication campaign, which was called 'Virus Ki Kadi Todo'. And this behavior change campaign really aimed to educate consumers about washing hands, what is the importance at that moment during the lockdown of staying at home, or to contribute generously towards the challenge of COVID, and the issues that many of our migrants were having across the country. This campaign reached almost 600 million people and actually had very strong results.

So, you know, we really are very delighted with our partnership with UNICEF over the years. They are our strategic partner in our initiatives to protect and safeguard the needs of children. We have announced an additional commitment of a million dollars towards these initiatives in wash, health, hygiene with UNICEF. And really our focus between HUL and UNICEF is to ensure that we address these real pressing issues and really leave no one behind in this entire challenge that faces many of our children and help really create a brighter, better future for our children.


Let’s reimagine a new future for India’s children affected by the COVID-19 crisis

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About The Campaign

COVID is not just a health crisis. It is a child rights crisis, affecting children's lives in all ways imaginable. With lockdowns being relaxed, things will improve but will not get back to normal for a very long time – during which time lives, educations and futures will be lost. 


The greatest long term impact of this pandemic will be on our children. With the health, nutrition, immunization, education, mental health and physical safety of our children severely impacted, Covid-19 has only made a bad situation even worse. Without our interventions & investments – of ideas, resources & heart - these children will have no future. It is in our hands to ensure that these forgotten victims of a catastrophic global crisis are given a future. We need to reimagine tomorrow, we need to reimagine our children’s future.


The pandemic has shown that all of us have  a role to play. Children have faced many crises around the world in history - including in India. The pandemic has shown that every child is at risk. But it has also shown what we can do when we come together. 

About The Partner

UNICEF India is committed in its continued support to the Government in this extraordinary journey of development to reach every child everywhere in India. Our goal is to enable every child born in India to have the best start in life, to thrive and to develop to her or his full potential. To achieve this we use our technical expertise together with partners to tackle the root of several, deeply entrenched structural challenges.  


UNICEF works to promote and protect the rights of children across India. We have spent 70 years in India working to improve the lives of children and their families. With some 450 staff members working in 17 states that together cover 90 per cent of India’s child population - largest field presence among UN agencies – we are well positioned to reach the country’s most vulnerable children.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF has launched Reimagine – an urgent appeal to governments, the public, donors and the private sector to support UNICEF’s efforts to respond, recover and reimagine a world severely impacted by COVID-19. UNICEF India relies on the support and donations from businesses and individuals to sustain and expand health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education and child protection programmes for all girls and boys in India